Sunday, May 5, 2013

MTK or Allwinner chipset for Sanei N10 Quad-Core 3G edition Phone Tablet

No internet no fun! With the popularity of quad-core tablet computers, now the wind of quad-core 3G is coming. The famous Sanei released the news of a 10.1 inch  N10 quad-core 3G edition Android tablet last week.

The quad-core CPU used in the new Sanei N10 quad-core 3G edition brings better operation experience for users! While which quad-core chipset used in this tablet is still unknown. And so far in the market, the hot chipsets that support 3G include MTK6589, Rockchip RK3188, Qualcomm quad-core 8 series etc. What's more, the A31s released by Allwinner also supports powerful 3G function!

MTK6589, as the latest quad-core CPU from Mediatek, has the advantage in phone call field for mobile devices. However, it has some disadvantage under video decoding. The previous chipsets only support up to 720P files, though in MTK6589 already supports 1080P. But other chipsets already support 2160P or even 4K videos.

While RK3188 and A31s have advantage under video decoding and games playing. But unlike the MTK, they do not integrate 3G mode, to have built-in 3G function, an extra 3G mode is required to add in the board.

Though the qualcomm chipsets are widely used in mobile devices (the N10 Dual-Core 3G edition is using its chipset). The main stream high-end mobile phones are most using its chipset. It has very good performance under 3G, phone call functions. Qualcomm usually mean stability and quality! However, not every company can use its chipset cause of its expensive licensing fee.

Which chipset would be used in Sanei N10 Quad-Core 3G edition tablet computer, Tablets World would be firstly listing in our site once more information published with our long term cooperation with Sanei manufacturer!

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