Friday, May 17, 2013

Ampe A85 Quad-Core edition Android Tablet VS iPad mini

Though iPad mini is a good tablet computer, however, its expensive price is really too much for many customers! While, there is another tablet that has similar size (8.0 inch) as iPad mini (7.9 inch) we would like to share today. Its performance is also quit good but with lower than half the price of iPad mini.

Recently Android tablet manufacturer Ampe released a new product - A85 Quad-Core edition. It uses Allwinner A31s quad-core chipset and the resolution of the display is same as iPad mini: 1024*768 pixel. What's more, it supports up to 2160P super-HD movies, 3D games, thousands of applications even make it looks better.

Ampe A85 (quad-core)
iPad mini
8.0 inch 4:3 1024*768px
7.9 inch 4:3 1024*768px
Allwinner A31s Quad-Core 1.2GHz
Apple A5 Quad-Core 1GHz
Android 4.1 (can upgrade to 4.2 soon)
IOS 6.0
8GB (support external up to 32GB sd)
16GB (fixed! can not support sd)
thousands FREE
mostly need to buy
2160P play and output
MP4 etc few formats
WiFi (support external 3G,Ethernet)
WiFi (not support 3G)
micro-sd, usb, HDMI, earphone
Apple special port, no usb
about $179.00 (including gifts pack)
about $369.00 (only tablet)

Ampe A85 Android tablet uses 8.0 inch 4:3 golden scale capacitive display and supports 5-point multi touch! This size is also very convenient to take. With the same definiton as iPad mini 1024*768 pixel, the viewing performance is also good. The only disadvantage of A85 quad-core edition is that it does not use IPS display. Otherwise, the display would be even more charming!

Ampe A85 quad-core tablet computer runs the Google Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system at the moment. And according to the official information, it would upgrade to the latest Android 4.2 very soon. Compared with the closed IOS system in iPad mini, it has much more advantages. And so far, there are already over 700,000 applications available in Play store (mostly are freely to use)!

As we know the storage of iPad mini is fixed! That means it wont support any micro-sd card or usb disk. Almost of the things you need to put in the tablet you need to use the iTunes installed in the normal computer. While A85 quad-core edition is different. It not only has a 8gb internal on board storage, but also has micro-sd card port support up to 32gb sd card and micro-usb port would support external usb disks! Thus A85 Android tablet gives users more choices to store photos etc files.

Ampe A85 quad-core edition also supports HDMI, Flash, HTML5, 2160P super-HD movies etc kinds of great functions! If you like this tablet, please visit our site Tablets World - the leading online Android tablets provider!

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