Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Magical Colorful Chuwi SuPad mini Quad-Core Android Tablet Computer

Is your tablet still black or white color? You may think the color is too boring. As the leading Android tablets manufacturer, Chuwi recently showed  a seven-color SuPad mini pad and it comes with the advanced 28nm quad-core processor.
Chuwi Supad mini tablet computer is the only 7.9 inch multiple colors,including white,pink,blue,green,yellow,orange,silver, Android tablet around the world so far. Each color can represent emotion and charactor.
Chuwi Supad mini not only has seven colors covers, it also top-level and stylish designed. The 7.9'' size display supports one hand operation. While the 7.2mm ultra-thin body designed is even 10% thinner than iPad 4 tablet computer. The metallic cover can directly improve the lass of the tablet.
The 7.9 inch 4:3 iPad mini same definition 1024*768 pixel display is another great feature of this tablet. The brightness is up to 400nt with 178 degree full angle of view.
Chuwi Supad mini tablet pc not only has beautiful apperance, it also has powerful chipset insider. It uses RK3188 28nm quad-core CPU. What's more, this tablet has 5000mAh li battery, which can provide 10 hours long battery performance! It also has front 2.0MP and rear 5.0MP dual cameras, HDMI, USB-Host, WiFi and supports external micro-sd storage, 3G!

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