Saturday, May 11, 2013

Focus on Girl Tablet Computer Ramos X10 Pink edition new exposure

Not like many other tablet computers manufactuers, Ramos also spends lots of effort on the appearance of the tablets. Many of its products are pure white and well designed. And many of them have narrow border, ultra-thin etc fashion features. While, the Ramos X10 is one of those.

X10 is a 2013 new quad-core CPU Android tablet released on March. It has a same 7.85'' IPS HD display like the iPad mini. It not only has great viewing performance, but also very convenient to take with just one hand and operate. What's more, the tablet computer also comes with powerful quad-core chipset and 1GB DDR3 RAM. Though Tablets World at the moment has stock for this tablet, but only white color editions. This time, we heard the news the production of X10 pink edition has started and the price would be also great just like the white edition!

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