Monday, July 29, 2013

New Classical 3G Phone Tablet Ramos X10pro Appearance Review

In the beginning of this year, Ramos published the 7.85 inch portablet tablet computer X10. It becomes a hot seller soon because of the delicate design and great quality. Continuing the great work, a new device added 3G phone function  by changing the CPU to MT8389 quad-core and keeping the original appearance is going to release.

With the metallic back cover, this Android tablet looks quit faddish. If you like this tablet, soon you could see in Tablets World. And at the moment, there is another quad-core 3G tablet highly recommended-Ampe A79 Quad-Core 3G edition, which builds-in 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and 5.0MP camera.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gives What We Want Teclast Quad-Core Phone Tablet G17 Review

After the G18 3G phone GPS tablet computer, there is a new exposure of small size phone tablet Teclast G17.

Compared with G18, except the G17 has smaller size. All the other hardwares are almost fully upgraded. 7.0 inch 1280*800 pixel high definition IPS display with MT8389 quad-core 28nm 1.2GHz CPU. And the internal RAM is 1GB. Others, this Android tablet has front and rear cameras, supports GPS/Bluetooth/smart light sensor/TF card expansion storage etc functions. What's more, the main feature of this tablet is that it supports 3G phone call, WCDMA 3G internet. And with speaker, Mic can directly make phone calls.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Multiple Improvements HKC Q79a Quad-Core mini Pad Review

HKC Quest family tablets are one of the mature series mini Pad. It includes HKC Q79 quad-core, Q79 dual-core 3G. And then the Q79a quad-core edition. Even thinner and lighter, more delicate craft and bigger capacity internal battery are the main changes of this Android tablet. And except those improvements, the price would be also cheaper.

Q79a would continue to use ATM7209 quad-core program. And the main changes including: the color changes to black rather than white; the frame changes to 7.2mm from 7.6mm; the weight drops to 290g from 350g. The overall portability has beyonded iPad mini. Though the body is ultra-thin, the battery capacity has increased to 4000mAh from 3800mAh. It's a pity that the new model throws away the Bluetooth function.
The black metallic back cover feels very good!

We can see the new model's appearance is more beautiful. The expansion ports and buttons are mostly in the top of the tablet computer. While we can not see the screws come out in this tablet. The design is really very good.

7.9 inch XGA size IPS display can have outstanding performance to view images, watch movies, play games, read e-books or surf internet etc.

With the Quad-Core powerful support and Google play support on this Android tablet, it can access to kinds of games and operate fluently!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Chuwi V88s the Hot Sale 7.9'' Quad-Core Android Tablet

With the excellent hardware, great battery life and cheap price, Chuwi V88s becomes a hot sale tablet computer soon after released. Let's have a look today what makes it be selling well.

1. High cost performance
Chuwi V88s is not a hero cause of expensive price. Instead, it not only has very good performance, but also the cost is also cheap!

2. Long battery life. 8-hour game-playing not a problem
Short standby is the headache of many tablets. However, leading the 7.9 inch Android tablets, Chuwi V88s breakthroughs the limitation, the battery life is also very good.

3. Top-level craft. RK3188 strong quad-core processor
V88s uses 28nm advanced RK3188 quad-core processor. It uses Cortex-A9 program. The performance is highly improved. Doing great on playing big 3D games, movies, surfing high-speed internet. The CPU used is even 35% faster than Tegra3 and GPUS is 40% faster than Tegra3.

Compared with Chuwi V88s, Chuwi V88 upgraded to 2GB RAM. Its performance is even faster! If you like this tablet, you can order now from Tablets World!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ployer 1st 7.0 inch 3G Android Phone Tablet Momo9-3G edition

Ployer recently released a new 7.0 inch Android tablet. And this tablet is a full-function tablet. It builds-in Bluetooth/3G internet(dual SIM dual standby)/GPS navigation/FM etc functions all in one.

And this tablet Ployer Momo9-3G is also very cheap. However, cheap tablet has its own reasons. About the definition, it is 1024*600 pixel, which is ok in a 7'' small size display. The CPU used is MT6577 dual-core+512MB only memory. What's more, the battery is 3000mAh only.

It's good we also see some good features on this tablet computer. It has front 0.3MP and rear 2.0MP dual cameras, runs Android 4.1 jelly bean system. The apperance is light and thin. The thickness is 8.8mm and 280g weight!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Comprehensive Upgrade - The Ployer MOMO20s Cheap Quad-Core Android 4.2 Tablet PC

In the Computex show, Ployer published the brand new MOMO20s Android tablet. This new device upgrades the CPU(Allwinner A31s 4-core) compared with MOMO20. The performance and fluence are improved. And the operating system is also upgraded. MOMO20s runs the latest Android 4.2.2 jelly bean system. What's more, the price is less than $300 for such a strong tablet at Tablets World.
Ployer MOMO20s uses pure white front and blue metallic cover design! Faddish and light weight, ultra-thin thickness, but also with good radiating. This tablet PC has a 10.1 inch IPS full angle of view 1280*800 pixel HD touchscreen. The graphics, images performance is wonderful!
While the ARM new generation quad-core CPU used (Allwinner A31s) in MOMO20s Android tablet is one of the 2013 latest advanced processor! It improves a lot of the performance, but has lower power-consumption compared with other main stream dual-core, quad-core CPU.
Compared with Android 4.1, Android 4.2 brings Photo Sphere panoramic camera, gesture input, Miracast wireless share etc new features.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

4K HD Videos Decoding, HKC Q79A QuadCore Tablet Computer

In this times of competition of hardware and price. The strong chipset, high-end hardwares and moderate price become the key to win the market. Talking about tablet computers, the quad-core chipset tablets are not very common. While the following HKC Quest Q79a tablet not only has 4-core CPU, but also comes with brand new (3 3D+2 2D) 5-core GPU. And the 4K videos docoding and playing are very impressive.

HKC Q79A Android tablet uses ARM Cortex-A9 OWL 4-core series CPU, which has up to 1.3GHz processor speed and 128bit internal bus design. Compared with those A7 series tablets, it has higher running frenquency and stronger running efficiency.

HKC Q79A has new 3 3D+2 2D cores GPU, which has 4 times better of graphics handling ability compared with those normal tablets. It supports up to 4000*2000 pixel definition extreme HD videos playing. The using and web pages are more fluent.

This tablet computer also supports Flash and HTML5 the advanced online video playing solutions.

The appearance of HKC Q79A tablet gives users fresh feeling. It has 7.2mm super ultra-thin metallic body design. It also supports hdmi, wifi etc functions!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Android 4.2 Update available for Yuandao Vido MiniOne and MiniS Android Tablets

The Yuandao Vido M series tablet computers have won lots of good feedbacks from customers. MiniOne is a professional product for games playing lovers. While MiniS is a popular product for music, movies playing etc. After the SDK2.0+Android 4.2.2 update of N90 quad-core FHDRK, the MiniOne and MiniS also got the updates. Now those products shipped from Tablets World would pre-load the latest Android 4.2 jelly bean system!
10 Features of the SDK2.0+Android 4.2.2 updates for MiniOne and MiniS:
  1. The definition is retina display (2048*1536) or less tablets, the operating fluence can reach to 60FPS;
  2. Improve the graphics performance of GPU;
  3. Improve the web page loading speed and more fluent to surf multiple pages;
  4. Add Web GL 3D drawing standard for browser, support online big 3D games;
  5. Optimized HDMI output performance;
  6. Support Miracast wireless screen transfer function;
  7. Optimized Power-management system, lower power-consumption and longer battery life;
  8. Support Bluetooth 4.0 transfer, connection is faster and more stable;
  9. Optimized original Google Android 4.2 system bugs, more stable system;
  10. Pass through Android 4.2.2 Google CTS certification, better applications' compatibilities.

MiniOne and MiniS Android tablets both are 28nm quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 cpu with up to 1.8GHz processor speed! And quad-core 533MHz GPU. After update to Android 4.2.2 jelly bean system, the functions would be richer and more fluent operation.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7.0 inch GPS Bluetooth Ampe A79 Quad-Core 3G edition Phone Tablet New Exposure

Ampe released a 10.1 inch big size display Phone Tablet - Ampe A10 Quad-Core 3G edition - before. It is a full functions tablet PC, which supports GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, what's more, 2G/3G phone call and messages! It is a very hot tablet in the market. Today we got the information of a new 7.0 inch small size phone tablet: Ampe A79 quad-core 3G edition!

Ampe A79 Quad-Core 3G edition not only has quad-core CPU inside, it is also the 1st 4CPU 3G phone tablet from Ampe. This tablet has 1280*800 very high definition IPS 7.0 inch display. It builds-in standard SIM card slot. It supports 3G/2G phone call,messages and WCDMA 3G, GSM wireless network. It has GPS navigation, 1080P full hd hardware decoding ability and 5.0 mega pixel camera etc very good functions!

The CPU of this Android tablet is Qualcomm 8 series up to 1.2GHz quad-core. After the optimization of hardware and system. It can support fluent performance for this Android 4.1 jelly bean tablet.

With the combination of phone and tablet. Ampe A79 quad-core 3G edition adds more fun staff in it. Users can not only play games, surf internet, watch movies on this tablet, put a SIM card can also make a phone/type a message to friends more conveniently!

As a portable digital device, the weight and size are also very important. Ampe A79 quad-core 3G has 362g only light weight and 8.2mm ultra-thin 16:10 7 inch size. We can easily put it into the bag and use  everywhere.

This tablet computer builds-in GPS navigation mode and antenna. It is a very helpful function for travelling!

If you like this tablet pc, please pay attention to Tablets World official site, the leading online Android tablets provider!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The times of Tablet Computers? 34% USA Consumers have Tablets

With the growing market of tablet computers, many people think there would be someday tablets replace the PC times. And now we have seen the trend while the amount of tablets sold is larger and larger and the developing is very fast. This time let's see some data to see how popularity of tablet PCs.

According to a latest research, among those United States consumers, there were almost 34% consumers had their own tablet computers. This result is 9 percentage point bigger than 9 months ago. Such a fast growing speed, we can imagine there are more and more consumers start to accept and are willing to buy tablet PC!
From the data, we can also see there are 59% families having Android tablets and 59% families having ipad and ipad mini. But we also need to consider that some people may not only have one tablet, so the total percentage is over 100%.

Compared with last year, we can see in USA families, the amount of tablets have growed 47% more. The tablets are now more and more attractive among consumers. However, it is a bit early to say the times of tablet computers has come. It's better to say the times of tablets is just coming!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Small Body and Low Price, Cube U35GT 7.9in Android Tablet

With the excellent appearance, iPad mini won lots of attentions. And many tablet computer manufacturers produced similar style tablets. While Cube U35GT is one of those. The display size and resolution are all same as iPad mini, but the price would be much cheaper! Plus it runs the open-sourcing Android system rather than the closed IOS system!
Cube U35GT Android tablet has a iPad mini same 7.9 inch IPS display with 1024*768 pixel definition. Besides the display, U35GT uses up to 1.8Ghz processor speed RK3188 quad-core CPU and 533Mhz Mali400 MP4 GPU! About the memory, it uses 1GB RAM + 16GB internal storage combination. Under the Antutu benchmark testing, U35GB got over 19000 scores!
This tablet computer also has a front 0.3MP camera and supports HDMI and external Micro-SD TF card storage. While the internal battery is 4000mAh, which would provide about 6 hours performance!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Optimized Teclast P88s mini Quad-Core Android Tablet PC Published

With the hot sales of 7.9 inch tablet computers, Teclast P88s mini quad-core 7.9'' mini pad also released and the stock arrived Tablets World today.

It was firstly exposure on this year's April of P88s mini. And said that time 6.75mm thickness. However, it changed to 6.5mm later. This Android tablet was been selling for a period of time in June. Because of the quality issue, it was stopped then. Now after optimized, Teclast officially said the problems had been fixed!

Teclast P88s mini quad-core uses brand new Allwinner A31 quad-core CPU, 7.9 inch 1024*768 IPS display, 1GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB internal storage. The dimension is 197*136.5*6.5mm and weight about 301.1g. The battery is 3900mAh, which can last 4 to 5 hours normal using.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New Model New Feeling Chuwi Quad-Core new device V88s Android 4.2 Tablet

V88 is a mini size tablet pc released by Chuwi before. While, recently Chuwi released another "down-version": V88s. This new model would have cheaper price with lower hardwares. The internal RAM and camera would be changed.

The  basic specification:
  -7.9 inch IPS display, 124*768 pixel, 10-point multi-touch;
  -Rockchip RK3188 chipset, Quad-core ARM A9, 1.6GHz;
  -Mali-400 MP4 GPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage;
  -Android 4.2.2 system, supports 802.11b/g/n WiFi;
  -Supports Bluetooth, has TF card expansion port;
  -Built-in speakers, 5000mAh li battery;
  -Dual Cameras, supports 1080P decoding, built-in HDMI port;
  -Dimension: 201*138.6*7.8mm, about 305g Weight.

Compared with Chuwi V88, V88s Android tablet uses different model. In front, it still uses faddish white color. While the back cover is different, it  does not use whole metallic cover. It uses the popular 3-level design as the smart phones!

According to the official nes, Chuwi V88s has independent audio box design, the speaker has very good performance. It is loud!

The two buttons are designed in the back!

It is a ultra-thin body design tablet computer. The thickness is less than 8mm!

Chuwi V88s comes with Android 4.2.2 jelly bean operating system. Compared with Android 4.1, 4.2 does not have too much differences. But in some small details, 4.2 is better optimized!

Thanks to the quad-core RK3188 CPU, though it has only 1GB ddr3 ram, it still wins 17100 scores (reference only) in Antutu benchmark test and 58.9fps in Nenamark 2.4 test, which is almost the same as V88 Android tablet.

At the moment, the Chuwi V88 is already arrived Tablets World. V88 has 2gb big ram and 5.0MP camera. If you wants a higher performance Android tablet, V88 would be good choice!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Optimized Bluetooth but UI almost the same

Though there is not confirmation yet officially. But the Android 4.3 ROM new expusure recently can be really downloaded. We guess soon the new update would come for Android mobile phones and Android tablets.
After we installed the ROM into the device, we can see the UI is almost the same as the previous Android 4.1 or 4.2 system. Only very few parts are changed. One thing confirmed was that Android 4.3 started to support the Bluetooth 4.0 low power-consumption mode as we could see the "android.hardware.bluetooth_le" process. What's more, in the WiFi settings, there is a new option "always search for Wi-Fi siginal", which would provide locating function via WiFi.
For other updates, let's wait and see. But the Android 4.3 system would be just optimization edition of Android 4.1. The Android 5.0 would be probably the one that would make big changes.