Thursday, July 26, 2012

10.1'' 1280*800 pixel Dual-Core Yuandao/Window N101 official release

After the Yuandao/Window N90 dual-core series and N70 dual-core series.The dual-core tablets from Yuandao/window has begun to take shape.On July 25th,Yuandao/Window released another new dual-core series tablets--N101 dual-core series.This new series will come with 10.1'' IPS 1280*800 high-defination super-HD touch screen,which want to bring new visual experience to customers.While the chip insider is RK3066 from Rockchip.It has up to 1.5GHz high dual-core CPU processor speed and quad-core Mali400 GPU.

Specification:Yuandao/Window N101 has 1280*800 pixel HD IPS touch screen,which has 178 degree view-angle.It uses RK3066 dual-core CPU,whose processer speed can be up to 1.5GHz.While the GPU is quad-core Mali400.1GB RAM+1GB ROM running memory.The operation system is Google CTS authenticated Android 4.0.4 ICS.The battery is 7200mAh,which can have over 190 hours standby long performance.The expansion interface is also richful:USB,OTG,HDMI,TF,DC and bluetooth and so on.Yuandao/Window N101 uses Aluminum metal shell.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7'' IPS display Dual-Core Cube PEA mini new exposure

After the release of Cube U30GT PEA dual-core 10.1'' IPS Android tablet PC,it has been favourite for many customers cause of its very good performance and big and HD IPS touch screen.Recently,we got the news said that Cube was going to release another MINI edition.

As we know,Cube dual-core PEA mini has a 7'' IPS large viewing-angle capacitive touch screen and has high resolution of 1024*600 pixel.It supports 5-point multi touch.It has dual-core Rockchip RK3066 chip insider.The process speeed can have up to 1.5GHz.The memory 1GB DDR3 RAM.Support WiFi,HDMI output and dual-display show.It also has front and rear 2.0MP dual cameras,the rear one has flash light.At the moment,the internal storage and operation system have not published yet.Will it come with Google Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean?And what price it would be?If you are interested in this,please follow our news.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who is more hot?Onda vi40 dual-core VS single-core edition Temperature test

Coming to the 2nd part of this year,there are more and more dual-core CPU tablets.However,with the increase of dual-core tablets' performance,it also lets customers to have doubt about the power consumption  and heat performance.In this article,we use Onda vi40 dual-core and single-core tablets to have a look their performance under same operation system and situation.

We run the same program under the same outside temperature.

1.Standby mode temperature test
We turn on the Onda vi40 dual-core and single-core tablets and put on the same place.After 10 minutes later,we test them and the Onda vi40 dual-core edition's temperature is 26 C degree,whitle the single-core edition is 27.5 C degree.You may do not that with this little difference,we can have much better battery performance and the dual-core edition have less power consumption after the same length time usage.

2.High performance running mode temperature test
We run the Antutu 3 times in Onda vi40 dual-core and single-core tablets,then we play "Fishing Joy","Need For Speed" games for 15 minutes.Then we test the temperature on the CHIP place and screen.
"Antutu" is a tablet performance test application,the tablet will run under high-performance mode when the application is running,then the heat will be higher.
After 15 minutes games' playing,Onda vi40 dual-core gets a very high score of 9067 while the temperature is only 30 C degree on the chip place.We almost can not feel the heat of the tablet's body.The other one is only 2878 score while we can obviously feel of the heat with 34 C degree.
Both of them use the 9.7'' IPS touch screen.Set the brightness to highest.After those tests,we can see the Onda vi40 dual-core edition is better.

3.Online video play mode test
To most of tablet PCs users,they will use the tablets to watch videos online.We play online videos on those tablets for 15 minutes,we test the chip place and screen temperature.
The temperature of the CHIP place between those 2 tablets almost have no difference.
While the screen temperature has big difference though they both use the 9.7'' IPS display.

4.Charging mode temperature test
As we know,the temperature would be a little higher when the tablets is been charging than the normal mode.We charge them for one hour,then test the temperature.

Overall,with those tests between Onda vi40 dual-core and single-core edition,the power consumption and heat performance of dual-core edition are even better than single-core ones.At the same time,with lower power consumption and heat,Onda vi40 dual-core edition can have longer battery performance.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

10.1 inch IPS 3G Android tablet--Sanei N10 3G edition new exposure

With the 10.1'' IPS High-defination touch screen and stable performance,especially very good price,Sanei N10 is successful after released and many customers like it.Recently,from the official news,Sanei is going to produce a upgraded edtion with 3G function built-in,which would be WCDMA 3g mode.

It is understood that the new product will be named as Sanei N10 3G edition.And the specification should be very similar with the Sanei N10 normal edition.10.1'' IPS 1280*800 pixel capacitive touch screen,1GB DDR RAM,16GB internal storage with Google Android 4.0 operation system.

In this 3G edition,we can directly use our 3G sim card to access internet without 3G modem/dongle.From the exposure picture,Sanei N10 3G edition uses aluminum alloy shell.Overall,feels like very slim.It also has a rear camera,which should be also 2.0 mega pixel like the normal edition.

For more information,please pay attention to

Monday, July 2, 2012

Zenithink 9.7'' MX Dual Core Android tablet new exposure--Zenithink C97?

Founded in 2007, Shenzhen Zenithink Technologies Co., Ltd, as one of the professional designer and exporter majored in electronic chips, computer hardware and software development and sales in China. After several years of development, their Products are best-selling in domestic and foreign markets, and win deep-trust of the broad consumer. 

In the 2012 Hong Kong Electronics Fair,we saw a new 9.7'' ips Dual Core Android tablet from Zenithink.From the apperance and other sources,we guess this is the new Zenithink C97 tablet which is going to be released by Zenithink soon.

It comes with Android 4.0 OS,which is very similar with Zenithink C91.

It has a camera in front.

The expansion ports in the side.

In the back also has a camera.

When this tablet is going to arrive tablets-world,we still do not know yet.But we believe it will become another popular tablet just like other Zenithink products.