Saturday, July 25, 2015

Onda first 9.7'' Core M Super Pad V919 3G Core M Tablet Computer

Onda V919 3G Core M tablet is new released, which is also the Onda first 9.7 inch display Core M super pad. The new product uses Intel powerful Core M CPU and 9.7 inch Air original retina display. What's more, it has PC level HD 5300 GPU, 64GB SSD storage, 4GB RAM, 3G wireless internet, 2.0MP and 5.0MP dual cameras.

The fifth generation Intel Core M CPU used in Onda V919 3G Core M tablet pc is the first 14nm technology CPU with 2.0GHz processor speed and 4MB cache. The more advanced program has higher performance with lower power-consumption, which is also the choice of the new MacBook!

The Intel HD Graphics 5300 GPU has up to 800MHz frequency. It supports DirectX11 effects and g-sensor. It would bring much better games playing experience in the V919 3G Core M 9.7 inch 2048*1536 super high definition display tablet computer.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cube Relased 10.6 inch IPS display i10 Dual-System Tablet PC

The tablet manufacturer Cube stands on customers' position to think better and produce better using experience tablets. In the competitive tablets market, Cube released another competitive tablet PC - 10.6'' large IPS display i10 Android and Windows dual system!

Cube i10 dual-system edition comes with genuine Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 operating system at the same time. It is a real entertainment + office work multi-function tablet. For entertainment, Android system has thousands of applications to choose from; For work, Windows 8.1 can install microsoft office, Photoshop etc kinds of office softwares. What's more, i10 dual-system supports one-click exchange between two different systems.

The genuine Windows 8.1 operating system running in Cube i10 dual-system tablet computer is a revolutionary product of Microsoft. It can run Microsoft Office, Abode Photoshop, CorelDRAW X5 etc kinds of softwares.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet uses 64-bit Z3735 real quad-core CPU, which uses 22nm advanced technology and has up to 1.8GHz main processor speed. Opening applications, surfing web pages, running big games can be very fluent.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet computer has the same size as Surface pro 10.6 inch display! It can bring users clear, vivid high definition IPS display.

2GB big RAM plus 32GB internal storage can fulfill the requirements for big games, media files etc.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet has front and rear dual cameras. It is not only easy to take photos, but also easily having Skype etc video chat.

This tablet supports Wi-Fi wireless network. It can be connected with mouse, keyboard, usb disk easily via the micro USB port.

Cube i10 dual-system also adds big standard USB Host port, which can be used to connect external hard drive and USB sticker. It can also connect external 3G modem to have 3G network.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet also has HDMI output port. It supports 1080P full HD movies.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Onda 3G Quad-Core Phone Tablet PC V719 3GS new exposure

Recently, the tablet computers manufacturer Onda with Intel in HK had new products meeting and firstly published Intel new SoFIA 3G-R quad-core CPU. At the same time, the first SoFIA 3G phone tablet Onda V719 3Gs was also new exposure. From the published specifications, V719 3Gs uses a 7.0 inch high definition iPS display with Intel SoFIA 3G-R quad-core CPU, which includes Mali 450 GPU. What's more ,the price would be also very competitive.
The SoFIA 3G-R quad-core cpu used in V719 3Gs was designed by Intel technology core team and is specially designed for low power-consumption tablet computer. 64 bit X86 program with up to 1.2Ghz main processor speed, which can easily play most of the main stream games. Onda v719 3Gs builds in Mali 450 GPU can have up to 700MHz high frequency, which would bring high performance.

Onda V719 3Gs uses brand new generation 7.0 inch IPS screen, which has 1024*768 pixel high definition. The performance of this display is very good and vivid and has 178 degree large angle of view. This tablet also uses new generation ABS material, which has very good using feeling with faddish design.

The Intel 3G Modem built-in Intel SoFIA 3G-R quad core CPU is the world certificated 3G mode. It supports WCDMA 3G and GSM 2G worldwide phone call, messages and internet.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Game Tablet Colorfly G808 OCTA CPU edition 8.0 inch PAD Published

Colorfly officially published the game tablet G808 Octa Speedy edition this month. It would be available around the beginning of May.
Colorfly G808 OCTA has a 8.0 inch 1280*800 pixel high definition screen. This is the best size to take in one hand. About the CPU, Colorfly G808 OCTA tablet computer uses the current stable and low power-consumption MT6592 octa CPU. Actually, this is a CPU for mobile phone. It can not only provide fast performance , but also gives great games performance. What's more, it has Mali450 MP4 GPU inside.

This Android tablet comes with 2GB large RAM. The big RAM is the powerful hardware to make sure multi-tasks handling and games playing. G808 OCTA has 16gb on board storage, you can put enough games , applications in it.

Colorfly G808 OCTA supports WiFi and 3G networks.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For low-end Market, MediaTek published MT8163 and MT8736 Tablets CPU

In the mobile phone market, the CPU from MediaTek is going after Qualcomm and very close to it. What's more, MediaTek also try to challenge the Intel, which is the low-end leader of tablet computers. MediaTek released new SoC MT8163 and MT8736 in the HK Electronics Fair. Both of them is quad-core CPU, 64-bit program. MT8163 only supports Wi-Fi.
In the Antutu Benchmark test, MT8163 can have up to 30 thousand scores. It has Cortex-A53 quad-core CPU and supports 1080P resolution display. It can run Android 5.1 operating system.

The functions of MT8736 is stronger. MediaTek said MT8736 is 20% faster than other same-level CPU with 10% lower power-consumption. It supports FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE/WCDMA/CDMA2000, TDS and GSM etc. It is full-mode 4G tablet CPU.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Product Chuwi VI10 Tablet Computer New Exposure

Recently, we saw the photos of a new tablet computer Vi10 from Chuwi. We can tell it would be another important tablet for Chuwi though there are only 2 photos exposure. From the photos, we guess this would be a Windows tablet using Core M CPU.
There are buttons on both sides, earphone port, USB port, HDMI port, docking interface, SIM slot etc. The design of the this tablet is quit humanization. It can be used in different situations.
This tablet would have dual glasses design, which is very popular design. The black color looks quit noble. The frame is metallic material. What's more, it has 10.6 inch big size display. It would bring very good visual performance. However, the specification details and price are still unknown yet. Tablets World would pay attention to this.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Core M New Tablet Computer Yuandao W11X

Yuandao W11X uses Core M 5Y10C CPU, the processor speed can run up to 2.0GHz with Intel HD Graphics  5300 GPU! This tablet computer also has 4GB lpddr3 RAM, 128GB SSD ROM, 11.6 inch IPS display, 1366*768 pixel high definition. From the rendered photos and real shots of Yuandao W11X recently, this tablet should have been started producing largely and would able to order very soon!
After adding the extra keyboard, Yuandao W11X looks like a normal notebook. While compared with notebook, this tablet pc has obvious advantages under thickness and weight! For students and works, it would be a very good choice to bring with for study and work!
The combination of tablet and computer is the Win8 development direction in the future. Those tablet computers have similar performance and functions of normal pc. They can do Office works, Photoshop, CAD, games etc tasks, but with portable feature!