Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chuwi V99X tablet showed in Huawei UltraStick presentation

In the Huawei UltraStick presentation, Huawei officially publish the 3G data card UltraStick. Chuwi, as a strategic partner, showed a 9.7 inch "monster-level" quad-core tablet computer - V99X.

1. Supporting plug and play 3G UltraStick data card.
V99X supports "the thinnest, smallest" Huawei UltraStick 3G card and can connect to WCDMA 3G network. It uses brand new SPCI hardware connection, plug and play to make the wifi tablet change to 3G pad immediately.

2. 9.7 inch integrated magnalium metallic body.
Chuwi V99X Android tablet has 7.9mm only ultra-thin with integrated metallic cover, which makes the tablet feel very strong.

3. 3G phone call function.
This tablet builds-in professional phone call mode. With the earphone or bluetooth headset, it can become a 3G phone tablet though with 9.7 inch big size display.

4. 5G dual-channel WiFi.
5GHz Wi-Fi can have up to 1300Mbps, the speed is even faster. And covering 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequency at the same time, the siginal is stronger and transfering speed is faster.

5. Retina display.
V99X 9.7'' tablet computer  has a 2048*1536 pixel retina level ips display. The performance is very beautiful.

6. 9500mAh big capacity battery.
V99X builds-in 9500mAh battery, the battery life is longer.

7. 28nm technology RK3188 quad-core, 2GB RAM.
This new device uses Rockchip RK3188 quad-core CPU with 2GB DDR3 RAM. The multi tasks' handling is more fluent!

The vice present of Huawei mobile products line in the meeting said that 3G phone call and internet functions would become the standard configuration in the future.

Ramos K1: a HTC One Style 7.85'' mini Android Tablet

From the appearance, Ramos K1 is really like a big size HTC ONE. As we know, there are now many smart mobile phones start to use this kind "3-level" style, but in tablet computers, Ramos K1 must be the first one! And we got the news that it would be soon show in the market.

About the hardware, Ramos K1 is a Android tablet. It uses Allwinner A31s quad-core processor CPU with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal on board storage. The display is 7.85'' IPS touchscreen mini size. What's more, it supports electronic compass, g-sensor, HDMI and GPS, front 2.0MP and rear 5.0MP HD dual cameras.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Corning Glass display, Cube Quad-Core Nut Android Tablet new exposure

Cube, one of the Chinese tablet computers manufacturer, is dedicated to producing better using experience tablets and wonderful quad-core tablets. Recently, there is a new device exposure, the Quad-Core NUT. This is a 9.7 inch tablet using Corning Gorilla Glass display! It has dual AAC speakers, front and rear 2.0MP dual cameras and the rear camera has flash light design.

Acoording to the information from Cube, quad-core NUT uses Corning Gorilla Glass touchscreen. The Gorilla Glass is a excellent display used widely in many high-end smartphones. This display has high strength, better ability to handle scratch etc great features. The hardness of Gorilla Glass is even harder than steel! The display performance would be gorgeous using this material display.

Cube quad-core NUT Android tablet has a 9.7 inch display with 1024*768 pixel definition. The definition is not very hight, but for normall usage would be ok. Plus a high definition display usually means would drain more power. The scale is 4:3, which has wider viewing place than 16:10 10.1 inch tablet computer.

Quad-Core NUT uses ARM family Cortex-A9 quad-core CPU and high performance GPU. The GPU can have up to 750MHz frequency. Many-core 3D GPU + independent 2D GPU also supports Open GL ES 2.0 3D technology!

For more information about this Android tablet, we would keep on paying attention.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Legend of Light and Thin, The Teclast P88s mini White Tablet PC review

If you have paid attention to Teclast's tablet computers released recently, you will see its main line is light, thin, narrow! So, the new Telcast P88s mini quad-core tablet would have these features! This tablet has a 7.9 inch OGS IPS display, 6.5mm super ultra-thin thickness, 299g weight and 6mm only narrow frame!

Though this Android tablet only has 6.5mm thickness, which is even thinner than Apple iPad mini which is 7.2mm, it comes with all the neccessory expansion ports as well. Such as earphone jack, tf card port, hdmi port, micro USB port etc.

The front white plus silver metallic cover is also very popular. Tablets World has listed the black edition Teclast P88s mini quad-core tablet before and it has been won great feedback from many customers. This white edition would be a great gift or tool for girls and children! If you like this tablet computer, you can now order from Tablets World with Free Shipping and Free Gifts bundle available!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Teclast P89 mini Specification New Exposure:7.9'' 2GB RAM Tablet

We have talked before the Teclast P89mini. As the most important tablet pc this month for Teclast, the specifications were finally published in these couple of day. The Intel Atom Z2580 cpu used was true! What's more, this tablet has 7.9 inch IPS display (G+G) with 1024*768 pixel definition and 2GB memory.

This time, P89mini runs Android 4.1 system, it would because the Intel CPU has not updated to Android 4.2 yet. This Android tablet supports Wifi, Mini USB, HDMI, GPS, 3.5mm earphone port, front and rear dual cameras, g-sensor and 4500mAh li battery! This hardware is one of the main stream devices.

The key feature would be the Intel Atom CPU. This CPU uses the Intel latest "Clover Trail" program. Though it is dual-core processor, but the benchmark score is very high! But the GPU is still unknow, it would be PowerVR SGX544MP2 or Mali400! For more information of this tablet pc, please pay attention to our blog!

Monday, August 5, 2013

New 7.9 inch 3G Phone Tablet Cube Talk79 Quad-Core Review

The trend of phone tablet computers is becoming more and more popular. With the 7.9'' ultra-narrow frame,beautiful appearance and ultra-thin body to make phone tablet would be very good. Now this Cube talk79 come out. This tablet uses MTK MT8389 cpu and supports WCDMA+GSM phone call. It supports 3G phone call and internet. What's more, this Android tablet has light-sensor, distance-sensor, g-sensor, dual AAC speakers!

This time, the outside package is also changed. Very compact!

The actual model name of talk79 is U55GT. It has 16GB internal storage. White front silver back cover design!

We have reported many 7.9 inch mini pads. The Cube talk79 also looks similar with other tablet computers.

The front top middle area is where something different with others. It has the telephone receiver specially designed for the tablet. While other tablets can only hear the phone voice under hands-free mode or headphone. What's more, it has a 2.0 mega pixel front camera!

It has dual AAC speakers design. The buttons are designed at the right side.

The phone tablet talk79 has a mini SIM card slot same as iPhone 5.

The thickness is also good, 7.4mm. The back is metallic material! The touch feeling is excellent!

Generally speaking, from this model, we can see the sincerity of Cube to make good tablet. This tablet's design and hardware all reach the world's top level. Expecially the telephone receiver design and light-sensor etc, those things are very good for a phone tablet. Cube talk79 is more like a big size smart Android mobile phone!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Intel CPU? Teclast P89 mini New Exposure Android Tablet over 30000 scores

With years fast developing, the appearance and performance of tablet computers all got greatly improved. However, they also jump into a circle while many tablets have the similar appearance and hardwares.

Recently, there was a new exposure tablet PC from Teclast looks different. This 7.9 inch Teclast P89 mini quad-core has 6.5mm ultra-thin body, 299g super-light weight. And the Antutu benchmark score even reaches to 30285! What's more, it would use Intel Z2580 cpu with 2.0GHz high processor speed!

According to the information, this tablet would also support GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and has 60 days super-long standby time! It can last around 8 to 9 hours if watching 720P movies! The rear camera is also HD level - 5.0 mega pixel!

More information of this Android tablet has not released yet. Tablets World would keep on paying attention on this new powerful device!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ultra-narrow Frame the Onda 7.9'' V819mini and 9.7'' V975 quad-core are coming

Though many tablet computers are advertised that they come with ultra-narrow frame, but many do not really have. This time, Onda do it. From the latest information, Onda is going to release two ultra-narrow frame tablets: 7.9'' V819mini and 9.7'' V975 quad-core edition.

The main features of those two tablets are ultra-narrow frame and ultra-thin body design. According to the news, V975 quad-core Android tablet would only have 7mm frame width. And the thickness would be 8.5mm. Though these can not beat smart mobile phones. But in a 9.7'' big size device, that make sense.

There is not many information about the V819mini. But it's said that V819mini would have advantages compared with the thickness and size of iPad mini. If you are interested in those tablets, please pay attention to our blog!