Monday, November 26, 2012

10.1 inch Cortex-A9 cheap price Zenithink C94 Quadcore Tablet Android

Coming to the second half of the year, there are more and more dual-core and quad-core tablets released. However, a good specification usually means a very high price, which makes many customers have doubt to buy. While, the coming of Zenithink C94 Quadcore 10 inch Android Tablet changed that with a low price ($219.00 including some extra gifts in Tablets World).

Zenithink C94 uses Cortex-A9 program, Freescale i.MX6Quad quad-core CPU, single-core has up to 1.2GHz processor speed. C94 runs Android 4.0 OS(can upgrade to Android 4.1 or higher version). The internal memory is 1GB and internal storage is 8GB. Supports TF card and USB flasher storage expansion. It has a 10.1'' multi-touch capacitive screen, which has 1024*600 pixel definition. Front 0.3MP and Rear 2.0MP dual cameras. Zenithink C94 also supports HDMI, WiFi, external 3G / Ethernet.

Zenithink C94 runs Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich OS, very easy to operate.

With 1024*600 definition 10.1'' touchscreen, C94 uses 4*6 applications show in the menu.

Zenithink C94 supports up to 10-point touch.
C94 supports external 3G function.

Google Map.

Zenithink C94 can play some online video application fluently,such as YouTube app.

Zenithink C94 has GC2000 quadcore GPU insider can have much better performance on handling graphics.

Zenithink C94 uses Freescale quad-core CPU, to play some games easily.

Over 10,000 score on Antutu benchmark test.

Hardware specification.

Optimized system supports multiple CPU mode.

Generally speaking, with the quad-core CPU, Zenithink C94 can bring us good operation performance. But Tablets World think the touchscreen is little bit bad, if with a high definition IPS touchscreen would be great. While considering the price, it is still a good choice for us.

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Android 5.0 would be released?Google new Android Update?

After the released of Android 4.2 in October, we may think about what would be the next update from Google. Would it be just some bug fixed? Now we got some news said that Android 5.0 has been tested out in new device. While this is less than one month after the previous version released.

The new exposure was posted on nenamark test site. There is a new device named Sony Ericsson LT30i testing report. However, it comes with the Android 5.0 system, which is named Key Lime Pie as the next version of Android. Considering the update speed of Google, the next version would come soon.

Google Android OS update history:

Android 1.5 cupcake (2009 Aril)
Android 1.6 donut (2009 September)
Android 2.0 eclair (2009 October)
Android 2.2 froyo (2010 May)
Android 2.3 gingerbread (2010 December)
Android 3.0 honeycomb (2011 February)
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (2011 October)
Android 4.1 jelly bean (2012 June)
Android 4.2 jelly bean (2012 October)
Android 5.0 key lime pie (may be 2012 December)

Friday, November 23, 2012

7.0'' Android Tablet Sanei N78 Dual Core 3G Edition

After the coming out of 3G Android Tablets, making the applications more richful and leting customers to have more choices. When there is limited to use WiFi, then 3G tablets can make us able to surf internet via 3G. While we are talking about 3G, many people may also think about 3G phone call. But it is 3G Tablet not means it can also support 3G phone call. In the opposite, cause of the difficult technology to creat, there is only few tablets can support 3G phone call. However, Sanei N78 Dual Core 3G edition 7.0'' Android Tablet is peculiar one that not only support 3G/2G phone call, but also support 3G internet, GPS ,WiFi, Bluetooth, 3D games and HD movies full functions.

Though many manufacturers have found the important  of 3G phone capable tablets and also want to produce, but it is not just adding a SIM card slot and can work. It requires very good techniques to make it. However, based on the strong R&D capabilities, Sanei made it.

After putting together, there is a unique number,which is called IMEI, need to have in the phone tablets. To get the IMEI, it will cost couple of month to apply with strict test. That is why many factory do not want to wait so long time and do this. So we can usually only find some big company, such as Samsung, have 3G phone tablets in the market. However, Sanei spent couple of month and made it.

To  have entertainment is the key feature of tablets. While watching videos and playing games are the two main features. The 2012 new tablet Sanei N78 dual core 3G edition not only support HD videos, 3D games, 3G internet, GPS navigation, Bluetooth functions, but also support 3G phone call + messaging and downgrade support 2G phone call and messaging. It is the perfect combination of tablet and mobile phone.

To build-in the 3G phone call function is the trends, it is also one of the applied function in tablets. Sanei N78 dual core 3G edition 7'' Android Tablet is not only tablet but also a phone, it is definitely a very good choice for you!

Tips: 10.1'' Android Tablet Sanei N10 Dual Core 3G edition is also available to order NOW !

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Samsung Quadcore Ramos W30 vs iPad mini

Ramos W30 is a 10.1'' Capacitive multi-touchsceen Android Tablet, it comes with a Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad-Core CPU.

Ramos W30 vs iPad mini. Both are fashion design.

In the back, Ramos W30 and iPad mini both use metal shell.

The thickness between these two tablets almost the same, the bottom Ramos W30 is a little bit thicker.

Regards the specification, Ramos W30 all beyond iPad mini, CPU (w30 uses Samsung Exynos Quadcore CPU, while iPad mini is Dualcore A5), RAM(w30 is 1GB,iPad mini is 512MB), display(w30 is 10.1'' 1280*800pixel, iPad mini is 7.9'' 1024*768pixel). But with the IOS optimization on iPad mini, the fluence between them is not so much difference.
After the comparion, both of them have very good performance. but the color saturation of iPad mini is better than Ramos W30.

Surf web comparison,with a bigger display, we can see more conten in one page.

Reading ebooks.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Quad Core Andorid 4.1 Tablet--10'' Zenithink C94 Review

SZ Zenithink company released a new 10 inch Android Tablet--Zenithink C94. Zenithink C94 is a Freescale i.MX6Quad Quad-Core device.

Specification introduction: 
Freescale i.MX6Quad Cortex-A9 quad-core CPU,single core speed is 1.2GHz. With quad-core GC2000 GPU. Quad-core CPU + quad-core GPU, the performance totally beyonds dual core Android tablets. It supports 1080P FULL HD 60fps hardware decoding, 3D movies. Built-in low power-consumption management to have longer battery life. Zenithink C94 has 1GB DDRIII RAM, 8GB internal storage (support external up to 32GB micro-sd/usb flasher), 10.1'' 1024*600 pixel 10-point-touch capacitive touchscreen, front 0.3MP + rear 2.0MP dual cameras, support Online video call(i.e. Skype), OTG/HOST, micro-sd card slot, supports external 3G modem,Ethernet, 5600mAh li-battery.

new grey package box

standard accessories, charger, manual, otg-usb cable, rj45 ethernet adaptor

there is no button in front of the tablet, only a 0.3MP front camera, front is black

widescreen is the current stream, while 10'' widescreen is currently the Android tablets' popular size

in the bottom is the two stereo speakers

the thickness is 11.8mm only, convenient to take

the expansion ports is very neat

top power, reset, micro usb, mini HDMI, MIC


white back

power and volume button in the top back corner, rear 2.0MP camera

the following is the system review

original system interface

applications screen

Android version information, Android 4.0.4, now can upgrade to Android 4.1 jelly bean

capacitive touchscreen touch test, zenithink c94 supports 10-point-touch

antutu benchmark, the score is close to 10,000.

comparison, the performance is close to Tegra3

online video play mode, supports online Flash,HTML5 videos

online video

support online video call, such as Skype

playing game is one of the key feature to test the performance of the tablet. GC2000 quad-core GPU can have up to 60 frame FPS, can run most of the games very smoothly