Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MX dual-core 9.7'' IPS Gemei G9T Android 4.0 tablet PC review

We got the Gemei G9T for couple of days now.We played with it for some days,generally speaking,it is a overall a very good tablet.But it also has some shortcoming.i.e,the power indicator is not 100% accurate;after a long time usage,the left part of it is a little bit hot.However,these do not have effect on our normally usage.

The apperance:
There is no buttons in front Gemei G9T except a 0.3MP webcam.

Gemei G9T uses metal shell.The advantage of it is to make sure its weight lighter and at the same time strong and durable,what's more,metal shell can have better heat output.

The back of it has another 2.0MP camera,which can be used for taking pictures,recording videos etc.And next to the camera is the stereo speakers.

Above is the volume control and back buttons.

Description of expansion ports and reset port on the back.

The expansion ports in the side of Gemei G9T.

In the angle,we can see clearer of the ports.There is hdmi,otg,micro-sd,host,microphone ports.

Gemei G9T is a ultra-thin design tablet with 10mm thickness only.

Tested with the electronic scale,it is 618g.This weight is acceptable as insider's battery is 8000mAh.

The start-up screen.The time to start is about 25 seconds.

You can set up a live wallpaper in the home screen.

The operation system version of Gemei G9T is Google Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Display Performance Test:
The screen under pure white and black color.There is no bad points.There is some light leakage under black screen.But it's a kind of feature for IPS screen.

Gemei G9T has good color performance and can show detail of each colors.

Original IPS touch screen can have very good peformance under differnet angles.

With Amlogic MX Cortex-A9 dual core CPU and MAli-400 GPU,Gemei G9T can run most of the big 2D/3D games very smoothly!

Outdoor picture taken by front camera.

Outdoor picture taken by back camera.

Quadrant test score:3911.And the CPU score is up to 8529.

NenaMark1 tests result: 49.6fps.

NenaMark2 tests result: 30.1fps.

Gemei G9T has 8000mAh li-battery insider,after our tests,it can have up to 9 hours battery life.That would be great for most of our usage.

Friday, May 18, 2012

7'' IPS TI Dual-core SmartQ S7 real shots

After last year's exposure of SmartQ S7,recently,it is finally going to release.But it has some changes compared with previous exposure of specification.The TFT display changes to better IPS.

From the apperance and specification of SmartQ S7,it's a quite good choice for those who do not like big touch screen tablets,such 9.7'',10'' etc.

SmartQ S7 uses the latest Texas Instruments(TI) dual-core CPU.

Light and ultra-thin body design.The weight is 320g only.

7.0'' 180-full-viewing angle IPS HD capacitive touch screen.The resolution is 1024*600 pixel.Simple and atmospheric style!

Front it comes with a 2.0 mega pixel camera,which can helps us a lot in the normal life such as Skype video call,taking pictures,videos etc.

The back uses special anti-pattern treatment.Touch it,you can feel very comfortable.It uses the similar technology like Samsung Glaxy Note.

SmartQ S7 also comes with richful expansion ports,which include the HDMI port.

With HDMI,we can connect to TV and watch 1080P FULL HD movies.

Exquisite craft from America Texas Instruments OMAP4430 dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sanei N10 10.1'' IPS Android 4.0 Bluetooth tablet PC gorgeous screen shots

Sanei is a new tablet PC manufacturer.Some people may still consider its quality or experience on tablets.However after we seen some of their tablets,we can feel Sanei is a responsible and taking care of customers company.They not only make some good and cheap products,but also optimizing the system to make customers can use more convenient.

Today,let's have a look the Sanei N10,which is 10.1'' 1280*800 pixel high resolution IPS touch screen HD Android 4.0 ics tablet,customized gorgeous UI.

Sanei N10 is not like most of other Android 4.0 tablets which just use the original Android 4.0 UI without any optimization,it has 6 themes and 5 transition effects pre-installed.
You can change the theme anytime you want to.
tablets-world.com has at the first time get the stock of Sanei N10 from Sanei company with great price of US $229.00 only.Buy now can also get some wonderful gifts for free!

Friday, May 11, 2012

iFive would release a new 7'' IPS Android tablet: iFive mini

iFive is a new China tablet PCs manufacturer.This year February,it released a 9.7'' ips tablet-iFive F1 which won some market and reputation cause of the exquisite workmanship and good quality.Recently,iFive is going to produce a new 7'' tablet: iFive mini.

ifive mini has 7.0'' IPS capacitive touch screen with 1024*600 pixel high-resolution,which would have very clear display performance.While,the body would use metal shell.Especially the thickness would be 8.3mm with 350g weight only.What's more,from the introduction,ifive mini will use the ifive-skin interface specially designed by iFive.From the exposure pictures,it looks beautiful and has own features.

Though there is no official specification,but as we know,ifive mini will use 1GHz Cortex-A8 CPU with GC800 GPU,which is RK2918 program.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recently,the news from Ainol officially said they had a plan to release NOVO7 Aurora II and NOVO7 Elf II shortly.As we know these two tablet PCs would use 1.5GHz Cortex-A9 dual-core CPU (should be Jingcheng AML8726-MX dual-core program),have 1GB DDR3 RAM,8GB internel storage and come with Android 4.0 ICS operation system.Support Wi-Fi and a front 2.0MP webcam.

Unfortunately,they do not have bluetooth and GPS.It must because of the costs.Though,there is no clear indication says that NOVO7 Aurora II would use ips touch screen.But we think it should use since it is the 2nd generation of NOVO7 Aurora.

Friday, May 4, 2012

5.0'' MT6575 program Android 4.0 OS Mobile Pad Smartphone YOOE A80 is upcoming

MTK6575 with latest Google Android 4.0 ics operation system is coming.About one month ago,the products with MTK6573 were still hot.However,after the release of MTK6575,now more customers are waiting for the MTK6575+Android 4.0 products.In this year's Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair,we have seen couple of MTK6575 products,but all of them are prototype phones and most of them were still running Android 2.3 OS.But today a new exposure of 5.0'' MTK6575 Android 4.0 mobile pad looks great.

This 5.0'' mobile pad smartphone named YOOE A80,which uses MTK6575 program and runs Google Android 4.0 OS.The specific shipping time would be around May 17th.In appearance,this product is very beautiful and the workmanship is also fairly well.It is running the Android 4.0.3 ics.It is also fluent when we play with it.

Time to market: May,2012
Operation system: Android 4.0
CPU: MTK6575 Cortex-A9 1GHz
Screen size: 5.0 inch
Screen resolution: WVGA 800*480 pixel
Touch method: multi capacitive touchscreen
Memory: 512MB
Internal storage: 4GB
Storage expansion: Micro-SD/TF card
Wlan: WiFi wireless
SIM slot: Dual SIM slots (WCDMA:900/2100, GSM 900/1800/1900, dual sim dual standby)
Data port: MicroUSB
Camera: front 2.0MP + back 5.0MP
Battery: exchangeable 2800mAh li-battery
Weight: 192g

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ramos W17pro,Dual-Core CPU Jingchen AML8726-MX performance test

Ramos W17pro is a 7.0'' Android 4.0 ICS Dual-Core CPU tablet PC.It uses Jingchen AML8726-MX new program insider.In AML8726-MX,it has a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU,which process speed can have up to 1.5GHz.

Today let's have a overall review of the AML8726-MX program.

Main popular dual-core program comparison:

Three China-made dual-core program:

CPU part:
It has similar performance like the international brands.
nbench test:
 cfbench test:

GPU part:
RK30 series tablets have 2 versions at the moment: CPU 1.5GHz/GPU 180MHz and CPU 1.4GHz/GPU 300MHz.If not indicated,then it is the 2nd version in the test.

Mali-400 MP2 is combined with 1 GP and 2 PP.When it runs under 400MHz,it provides 44M Triangles rate and 800M pixel fill rate.Overall,the performance is satisfactory.Compared to quad-core Mali-400 GPU,it has advantage under triangles rate but not better under pixel fill rate.

nenamark2 and basemark ES, the resolution is 1024*600 and 1024*768:
The difference is small.But compared to single-core products,the improvement is very obvious.

Glbenchmark 720p offscreen:
Thanks to the advantage of Mali-400,the score beyonds Adreno 220.

Pro score,close to quad-core Mali-400.

GL lowlevel test.We can obviously see the advantage of dual-core Mali-400.


Web test:

Run single thread
Run Multi-thread

Generally speaking,the performance of AML8726-MX program is quit good.Plus the price is only $189.00 ONLY for Ramos W17pro from tablets-world.com,it's a very smart choice for us to have a dual-core tablet PC.