Friday, June 29, 2012

8.0'' HD Android 1.5GHz Onda vi30 dual-core tablet PC new exposure

After the 9.7'' IPS Android tablet Onda vi40 dual-core edition come out.Now we have another dual-core tablet--Onda vi30 dual-core edition--coming.And the price would be around US $199.00 only for 8gb.

From the exposure,we can see Onda vi30 dual-core edition has a 8.0'' capacitive multi-touch screen and the resolution would be 1024*768 pixel.It uses 1.5GHz AmLogic AML8726-MX dual-core chip,1GB DDR3 RAM and 8GB internal storage.It comes with Google Android 4.0 ics operation system.Its front has a 0.3MP camera,which can be used to taking pictures or Skype video chat etc.It only has a Home buton in front,while the back has stereo speakers.The thickness is 10mm.The expansion ports include DC,miniUSB,HDMI,TF card slot and 3.5mm headphone port.Overall hardware is quit good.

If you are interested in this product.Please contact us for more detail.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rockchip RK3066 dual-core Ployer 3 kinds of game tablets new exposure

Nowadays,there are more and more dual-core Android tablets.Ployer,one of tablet manufacturers from China,is also going to release 3 kinds of dual-core tablets.As we know,they will be named as MOMO11 speed edition,MOMO8 speed edition and MOMO7 speed edition.They all use up to 1.6GHz processor speed brand new dual-core program.

9.7'' IPS dual-core  Android tablet -- Ployer MOMO11 speed edition
MOMO11 speed edition would be the first one going to release.It targets on advanced professional users.It uses dual-core Cortex-A9 program,the processor speed can be up to 1.6GHz.Also comes with 9.7'' IPS HD touch screen and big capacitity battery.Official people said it would get improved from the MOMO11 bird edition.

8'' capacitive Android tablet -- Ployer MOMO8 speed edition
MOMO8 speed edition also uses 1.6GHz dual-core CPU,which would improve the 1080P HD videos,HDMI output,dual cameras,WiFi/3G etc functions' performance.The 8'' capacitive HD size can be more flexible indoors or outdoors.

7'' IPS dual-core Android Tablet -- Ployer MOMO7 speed edition
7'' IPS and 1.6GHz dual-core CPU can be very competitive among those 7'' tablets.

Though Ployer did not publish the specification detail.But 1.6GHz dual-core CPU,we think it must be Rockchip RK3066 program.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Fix "start kernel failed" for Zenithink C91 upgrade zt-282 edition

For some Zenithink users may face the following message "start kernel failed press CAMERA KEY to update".If this occurs,please firstly try to re-install the firmware.If that not works,please try the following steps:

Note:This is a example for Zenithink C91 upgrade zt-282 H3_1a 8gb edtion. If you have other device or not sure what version you have,please ask us to confirm by providing your serial number in the tablet first.

1.Charge your tablet and get ready one formatted micro-SD card (2gb is recommended);
2.Download the latest firmware from ;Extract it and find the "zt-update" folder and copy the folder into the root of micro-sd card;
3.Download the autoscript,spl: ; extract it you will get 3 files and copy the 3 files into the "zt-update" folder in the sd card;
4.Turn of your tablet,and insert the sd card into the tablet and power up.It will auto update;
5.When it is over,power off the tablet.Eject sd card and delete the files: autoscript,ZT282.spl;
6.Insert the sd card back to the tablet,press "back" button (top right corner),at the same time,press power button until it goes to update mode.follow the instruction in the screen and do the update.

After finish,try to reboot your tablet see if it works.

If you have any doubt about this,don't hesitate to let us know.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Not fear of "big brand":Gemei dual-core G9T vs Samsung Galaxy Tab P7510

Coming to 2012,tablet PCs become hotter and hotter.Their popularity even beyonds our daily mobile phones.While,the quality and hardware become better and better.

From the day Gemei released the dual-core Android tablet--G9T, it has attracted lots of attention.Today,we would compare it with the hottest Samsung Glaxy Tab--10.1'' P7510 tablet.

CPU AMLogic Nvidia Tegra2
Chip 40NM 45NM
Memory 1GB 1333MHz 1GB
Internal Storage 16GB 16GB
GPU 400MHz mali400MP2 ULP-GeForce
Display 9.7'' 4:3 1024*768pixel 10.1'' 16:9 1280*800pixel
Display material iPad 2nd generation IPS TFT
WiFi Broadcom WiFi mode normal Wifi mode
Flash Hardware decoding Software decoding
Video 1080P FULL HD 720P
Camera front 0.3mp+back 2.0mp front 2.0mp+back 3.0mp
OS Android 4.0 ICS Android 3.1
Body material aluminium alloy metal shell plastic
Battery 8000mAh 7000mAh
Price $309.00 ( over $500.00

Gemei G9T uses aluminium alloy metal shell with G+G ultra-thin IPS touch screen,it's lighter and looks more fashionable.4:3 display is more convenient for Web,e-books.

While,Samsung Galaxy Tab P7510 uses plastic.16:9 display is more convenient for watching movies.

Gemei G9T uses original iPad 2nd generation IPS touch screen,which has very good performance on brightness,defination,viewing angle and so on.

After put the brightness into largest,from the front looking,they almost have no difference.But we can still see G9T is brighter.

Viewing the pictures in hands,the Gemei G9T 4:3 size display is more convenient.The P7510 is little longer.4:3 is better for reading e-books.

From the side viewing angle,Gemei G9T still has very good performance,while the Samsung P7510 is little yellow.

Open a web page,we can still see Gemei G9T has better display performance.

Though Samsung Galaxy Tab P7510 is a strong Android tablet,but after compared with it,Gemei G9T still looks good.If you want to have dual-core Android tablet with clear IPS touch screen similar with iPad,then Gemei G9T would be a good choice.