Friday, May 31, 2013

Enjoy the 3G network, Ampe A10 Sanei N10 Quad-Core 3G edition Review

In this year's HK Electronics Fair, many manufacturers showed the interests on 3G tablets. Anpei Technology is one of them. Its brand Ampe/Sanei released a new tablet computer A10/N10 Quad-Core 3G edition, which has a 10.1 inch big size display and supports 2G/3G phone call/messages!

In the default package, it comes with the tablet pc, charger, usb data cable, micro to usb cable, earphone, user manual.

Ampe A10 Sanei N10 Quad-Core 3G edition uses white panel with silver border, which has some feel of Samsung Note 10.1. The apperance is not very attactive, but for a 10.1 inch big tablet PC, it is also need to be conveniently to bring with.

The back is smooth white finish. Coonsidering the front white panel , the whole feeling is good.

This tablet has a standard SIM card slot, which accepts WCDMA 3G, GSM 2G sim cards!

The power on/off and volume buttons on the side.

A10 N10 Quad-Core 3G edition comes with 10.1 inch 1280*800 definiton HD IPS multi touch display. The angle of view, response and speed are all very good!

A10 N10 Quad-Core 3G edition Android tablet does not use original Android 4.1 UI, it is highly customized. It looks more beautiful.

Very beautiful music player widget.

The default widgets are also optimized.

The applications menu page also looks faddish.

It is a phone tablet computer. Users can insert a SIM card to make/receive phone calls, messages. And this tablet also supports surfing internet via GPRS or 3G network. Just like a normal mobile phone with much bigger display. But the siginal is not that strong as phone.

Another great feature of Ampe A10 Sanei N10 Quad-Core 3G edition tablet is that it built-in GPS navigation chipset. With the Google Map or other GPS software, it can navigate to the places we want to. This function is very helpful in our daily life sometimes.

With the quad-core CPU and Adreno 203 GPU(though the GPU is not very powerful), it can handle most of the 2D/3D games. But for some big size games, it may still performe not so good. The internal free available storage is about 1.86GB. So an external micro-sd tf card is really useful.

While many tablets may use MTK chipset, Ampe A10 Sanei N10 Quad-Core 3G editon tablet is a little bit different. It uses USA Qualcomm quad-core chipset. For more interesting functions and using experience are waiting for you to find out!
The tablet is now available to order in Tablets World!

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