Monday, March 4, 2013

Pursuit for difference - iFive tablet UI-skin 2.0 review

Now there are many Android tablets and manufacturers in the market with more and more coming. It is really very competitive. However, if you have paid attention to those tablet computers, most of them use the similar hardware and the same Android system original UI. Among them, iFive wants to give customers some new feelings and published the ifive-skin2.0, which used in ifive tablets such as iFive mini2. Let's have a look today.

The lock-screen of ifive-skiin2.0 is random changed and it has up to 15 kinds, which is quit impressive. What's more, the weather is also optimized and looks more beautiful.

Another thing updated in skin2.0 is the launcher. Now users can change the color and favorite applications based on Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system.

In skin2.0 when playing movies, the navigation bar would be auto-hidden not like the normally UI tablet computers.

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