Saturday, March 16, 2013

Performance and Apperance, what is the real Position of Surface Pro tablet PC

"Surface Pro is the brand new tablet computer combination of business and entertainment", which is the idea that Microsoft want poeple to know by spending huge cost of advertisements everywhere. However, the product finally showed in the market was already over half of year when Microsoft started to advertise this tablet. Though some users still glad to buy it, while many people feel doubt about its position in the current tablet or computer market.

The test of the real Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet from a user showed that the temperature of this tablet would quickly increase to 80 degree after some little bit big tasks. Thus the power of CPU would drop to 7w, while the GPU would drop to 2.4w. Those numbers are all lower than the standard 10w performance. By that way, once the temperature increaed in a high level, then the tablet computer will have much worse performance. Plus after that dreasing, the PC still needs to continue running the tasks, no wonder the temperature would increase in a high level in minutes.

Though the hardware of Surface Pro looks like very powerful, but under big data work and many tasks, its performance would be still limited. If you say its target is the iPad or other cheap Android tablets, then the Surface Pro is so much more expensive; If you say its target is the Apple Air super notebook, then the Surface Pro can not do all things so well like the normal notebook or Windows computers. The performance or the appearance? We think the Surface Pro is really in a embrrassing position.

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