Thursday, January 10, 2013

OLPC want to cheat Kids? The 7'' Android XO Tablet Computer is so Slow

OLPC as we know is called as "one laptop one child", which is non-profit organization to produce very cheap tablets for Children. Though the tablets produced are cheap and mostly target at the developing countries, not means the tablets' hardware would be very bad. Recently a 7.0'' Android Tablet called Android XO released by OLPC we do not know what hardware it has, however, we faced lots of problems when tried to play with it. Sometimes, it was even very hard to unlock the screen. We have to think about that it is made by last century's materials. Though the overall specifications are very bad, but the UI is still good. It is easy to operate by kids with big icons.

From the apperance, the Android XO looks a little bit similar with the Google nexus 7. But after with the cover, it looks quit cute.

However, in my opinion, I would not choose this tablet for kids. It only uses the thought "designed for children", but just a normal Android Tablet using different UI with very bad hardware. To learn, play games, listen music, watch movies or read e-books etc., many other tablets can finish the job for us with better experience!

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