Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7.0'' Ultra-thin Quad-Core Bmorn "Blade" K22 tablet New Exposure

Talking the word "Blade", some people may think about Motorola Blade series mobile phones. At that moment, the XT910 has attacted lots of attention cause of its ultra-thin body design. While, today there is another ultra-thin quad-core new Android tablet computer we would like to share - Bmorn K22.

Since official can name it as "Blade", we can imagin its thickness would be very thin. According to the news, this new tablet computer would have 7.2mm only ultra-thin (would be one of the thinnest quad-core Android tablets at the moment). And K22 also has a 7.0 inch IPS touchscreen, but the definition is unknown yet. It would come with quad-core chipset (comprehensive performance would be stronger than Nvidia Tegra3). We guess the CPU would be Samsung 4412 or Amlogic RK3188. Bmorn K22 also supports WiFi, external 3G and HDMI output.

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