Tuesday, March 19, 2013

PiPO M9 RK3188 Quad Core 2GB RAM Android Tablet real shots

Tablets World have reported before the PiPO M9 10.1'' Android tablet. Today we show more real shots of this tablet.
When we got the the package box of PiPO M9, we guess the PiPO may want to emphasize that this tablet is ultra-thin body design. Cause the box is really very slim. It even puts the all the extra accessories into a seperate box. And we can feel the M9 is really very thin and light, the actual weight is 586g, which is even 76g lighter than the new iPad's 662g weight! And the back of PiPO M9 is mostly metallic material!

PiPO M9 is front and rear dual cameras design. And in front should also have a light-sensor, which would be very helpful for e-book reader users.

The rear camera is 5.0 mega pixel and has a flash light as well to provide more brightness when in dark situation.

Rich expansion ports like many other main stream Android tablets.HDMI, TF, Headset etc.

The "non-slip" design on the edge!

The thickness is similar with the new iPad. The new iPad is 9.4mm!

Bottom is the PiPO m9 package box, we guess by eyes is about 2cm thickness!

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