Sunday, July 7, 2013

The times of Tablet Computers? 34% USA Consumers have Tablets

With the growing market of tablet computers, many people think there would be someday tablets replace the PC times. And now we have seen the trend while the amount of tablets sold is larger and larger and the developing is very fast. This time let's see some data to see how popularity of tablet PCs.

According to a latest research, among those United States consumers, there were almost 34% consumers had their own tablet computers. This result is 9 percentage point bigger than 9 months ago. Such a fast growing speed, we can imagine there are more and more consumers start to accept and are willing to buy tablet PC!
From the data, we can also see there are 59% families having Android tablets and 59% families having ipad and ipad mini. But we also need to consider that some people may not only have one tablet, so the total percentage is over 100%.

Compared with last year, we can see in USA families, the amount of tablets have growed 47% more. The tablets are now more and more attractive among consumers. However, it is a bit early to say the times of tablet computers has come. It's better to say the times of tablets is just coming!

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