Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7.0 inch GPS Bluetooth Ampe A79 Quad-Core 3G edition Phone Tablet New Exposure

Ampe released a 10.1 inch big size display Phone Tablet - Ampe A10 Quad-Core 3G edition - before. It is a full functions tablet PC, which supports GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, what's more, 2G/3G phone call and messages! It is a very hot tablet in the market. Today we got the information of a new 7.0 inch small size phone tablet: Ampe A79 quad-core 3G edition!

Ampe A79 Quad-Core 3G edition not only has quad-core CPU inside, it is also the 1st 4CPU 3G phone tablet from Ampe. This tablet has 1280*800 very high definition IPS 7.0 inch display. It builds-in standard SIM card slot. It supports 3G/2G phone call,messages and WCDMA 3G, GSM wireless network. It has GPS navigation, 1080P full hd hardware decoding ability and 5.0 mega pixel camera etc very good functions!

The CPU of this Android tablet is Qualcomm 8 series up to 1.2GHz quad-core. After the optimization of hardware and system. It can support fluent performance for this Android 4.1 jelly bean tablet.

With the combination of phone and tablet. Ampe A79 quad-core 3G edition adds more fun staff in it. Users can not only play games, surf internet, watch movies on this tablet, put a SIM card can also make a phone/type a message to friends more conveniently!

As a portable digital device, the weight and size are also very important. Ampe A79 quad-core 3G has 362g only light weight and 8.2mm ultra-thin 16:10 7 inch size. We can easily put it into the bag and use  everywhere.

This tablet computer builds-in GPS navigation mode and antenna. It is a very helpful function for travelling!

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