Sunday, July 14, 2013

4K HD Videos Decoding, HKC Q79A QuadCore Tablet Computer

In this times of competition of hardware and price. The strong chipset, high-end hardwares and moderate price become the key to win the market. Talking about tablet computers, the quad-core chipset tablets are not very common. While the following HKC Quest Q79a tablet not only has 4-core CPU, but also comes with brand new (3 3D+2 2D) 5-core GPU. And the 4K videos docoding and playing are very impressive.

HKC Q79A Android tablet uses ARM Cortex-A9 OWL 4-core series CPU, which has up to 1.3GHz processor speed and 128bit internal bus design. Compared with those A7 series tablets, it has higher running frenquency and stronger running efficiency.

HKC Q79A has new 3 3D+2 2D cores GPU, which has 4 times better of graphics handling ability compared with those normal tablets. It supports up to 4000*2000 pixel definition extreme HD videos playing. The using and web pages are more fluent.

This tablet computer also supports Flash and HTML5 the advanced online video playing solutions.

The appearance of HKC Q79A tablet gives users fresh feeling. It has 7.2mm super ultra-thin metallic body design. It also supports hdmi, wifi etc functions!

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