Monday, July 1, 2013

7.85 inch IPS Display PiPO U8 White edition Android mini Pad

There are many choices of 7.85 inch tablet PCs. But we can see the differences after comparing them. As a customer, a strong hardware with beautiful apperance tablet would be the best choice. PiPO recently released a 7.85 inch light and thin new product. This product is quit portable with the super narrow frame and ultra-thin body design. PiPO released the black edition U8 tablet pc first, then the White edition.
PiPO U8 white edition Android tablet has faddish and delicate apperance.

U8 uses 7.85 inch display, which is 4:3 1024*768 pixel definition! According to the information, the display has low power-consumption, fast response, 178 degree large angle of view etc great features.
The back is metallic silver color. And it has a 5.0 mega pixel HD camera on the back. The camera comes with a flash light, which can improve the photo-taking quality under dark surroundings.

The speaker is designed at the side of the tablet.

The front has another 2.0MP camera. What's more, it has a light-sensor! The design of this tablet pc is quit compact.

The rick expansion ports make the PiPO U8 have more functions! It has gyroscope, compass, bluetooth, HDMI and so on.
U8 uses RK3188 28nm quad-core CPU, which is ARM Cortex-A9 based up to 1.8GHz! While the GPU is quad-core Mali400 up to 533MHz frequency. This tablet pc runs Android 4.2 operation system with 2GB DDR3 big RAM. It can handle multi tasks much more fluently! The internal battery is 4750mAh, which can make users play games, surf internet more freely!

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