Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Allwinner A31 CPU Ployer Momo19 Quad-Core Tablet Computer review

Now, the quad-core tablet computers become hot and hot. Especially after the publish of Allwinner A31 quad-core chip. Many Android tablets manufacturers start to creat tablets based on A31 chip. Before, there were exposure of Momo20 and Momo19 from Ployer, both use A31 chip. This Ployer Momo19 has arrived to sell in Tablets World. Ployer Momo19 quad core uses 9.7 inch IPS display,which has 1024*768 pixel diefinition. With Allwinner A31 chip, has 2GB DDR3 RAM and run Google Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system.

The package box looks quit nice with big Quad Core letter on it. Wide and thin black box with blue paper around it is quit attractive. There is Allwinner A31 chip on the bottom right corner.

In default, it comes with USB data cable, user manual, otg to USB cable,charger, screen clean cloth and a 9.7'' Android tablet.

The one we tested in our hands is a black edition, from the official news, it would have white edition as well. The appearance followed the currect main stream, similar with many other popular tablet computers with rounded narrow border. The front camera is in the top right corner.

The back of Ployer Momo19 quad core is metallic material, can have better radiating and feeling. The rear camera and speaker in the top left corner. The sound of speaker is loud and clear.

Ployer did some rounded work on the sides, so it is convenient to bring with.

Those normally used expansion ports are designed in the right side of the tablet. Including charging neck, headphone port,HDMI, reset, TF card jack, USB and so on. A little bit unfortunately, it does not have volume control button. However, it's good that it has a dust-proof cover for the HDMI, TF card and USB ports.

Ployer Momo19 quad-core is also a ultra-thin tablet. Its thickness is 9.6mm only!

The UI of Ployer Momo19 quad core Android 4.1 tablet.
There are not many applications pre-installed for the tablet in original, but we can get thousands applications easily from Google Play installed in the tablet.
Another key feature of Allwinner A31 is the power of video playing. It supports up to 4K (4096*2160 pixel) super HD videos!

With simply usage of the tablet, ther performance of Ployer Momo19 is good. 9.7 inch IPS touchscreen gives us HD viewing experience. The combination of Allwinner A31 and Android 4.1 system bring us fluent operating experience!

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