Monday, February 18, 2013

7.0'' Android Tablet computer iFive mini2 2013 New Feeling

With the developing of technology, the display of tablet computers are getting bigger and bigger and the definition is higher and higher. For a little 7'' tablet, it already has the same definition as a 50 inch full HD TV. 2012 was a year of hardware war among tablet computers. Many manufacturers are doing something on the display in order to give customers better viewing experience. Now in 2013, we believe that full HD display would become the main stream, which is a kind of thought after testing iFive mini2 7'' Android tablet.
As a 7'' tablet computer, ifive mini2 has a 1280*800 pixel high definition, 400lm high brightness IPS touchscreen. From the real viewing feeling, iFive mini2 could not be has the same experience as a 50'' big display, but so high definition using in a so small 7.0'' display would bring us totally super clear HD performance!

ifive mini2 Android tablet runs Google Android 4.1 jelly bean operating system. Operating in Android 4.1, we feels more convenient and the advanced technology from Google.

ifive mini2 7.0'' Android tablet uses the latest ifive-skin 2.0 UI. The appearance is quit beautiful and easy to operate. With Android 4.1 system, the tablet can give us brand new operating experience!

Another thing need to mention is that ifive mini2 has also done some optimization on videos playing. touch the video can pop up the operating bar, which is quit convenient to use!

ifive mini2 Android tablet not only comes with full HD display and powerful hardware, it also uses latest Android 4.1 JB OS, to read e-books, surf internet, play movies, play games and so on in it would give users great using experience!

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