Friday, January 11, 2013

Allwinner A31 Chip Android Tablet Computer Sanei N10 Quad-Core ultimate edition

During second part of 2012, we saw many dual-core Android tablets released. In the 2013, quad-core tablet computers would be definitely getting very popular. Quad-core means the devices would have faster CPU processor speed than single or dual core ones. While the new Allwinner A31 chip not only brings us quad-core CPU, powerful POWER VR SGX544 MP2 GPU, 2GB big internal DDR3 RAM!

Among those kinds of Android tablets manufacturers, Sanei/Ampe firstly created and published the new device - A10/N10 quad-core Ultimate edition!

Usually a better hardware would means a very high price. However, the Sanei N10 quad core ultimate edition would have a very good price. You can now step away from those expensive iPad, Samsung, ASUS etc tablets providers!

The tablet is currently under pre-order in Tablets World, but would be in stock very soon in the coming couple of weeks! With better hardware but good price, would that means the material is bad? Let's have a look outside and inside of the tablet.

A tablet not only needs to with powerful specifications and system, a good looking is important! While, we can see the Sanei N10 quad-core ultimate edition is designed very beautiful with ultra-thin body!

This time, N10 Quad Core ultimate edition does not use Retina display like the iPad 3 or some other tablets. Its definition is 1280*800 pixel. Retina display sounds good, but its power-consumption is also 1.5 times bigger than 1280*800px display. And 1280*800px is the standard definition for Android operating system. It can have better compatibilities! What's more, 4K videos can play well on 10.1 inch big display.

The inside structure is also exquisite. The high-capacity battery already takes 2/3 space. It is also harmonious combination of those PCB board, camera, speakers, buttons and so on. We did not see tousy lines everywhere like some other tablets.

In the middle, we can clearly see the powerful Allwinner A31 chip, which likes the "heart" the tablet. Allwinner A31 so far the world's top level program and helps the device to have 400% performance improved!

The internal RAM can have big affects on handling multiple tasks and playing games. The 2GB DDR3 RAM in N10 quad core ultimate edition Android tablet can have 1 times faster performance compared with those many 1GB RAM tablets in the maket so far.

Quad-Core CPU brings more fluent and convenient operation experience. But it also means higher power-consumption. While the AXP221 chip in the PCS is the smart PMIC power management system for N10 quad-core ultimate edition. It supports DVFS and Standby dynamic process technology and can gives longer battery life!

We can see the updates of technology are very fast. Technology brings more and more convenient digital life. We see the power of technology on Ampe A10 Sanei N10 Quad-Core ultimate edition tablet computer. It would be one of the best choice of tablet for watching movies, playing games, reading e-books or simply surfing internet!

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