Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Quad-Core Android Tablet ICOO 10.1'' ICOU10GT real shots

Many Android tablets users may have heard about Allwinner A31 chip. We see lots of news about A31 quad-core CPU,2GB RAM,5.0MP camera etc tablet computers. The tablets from different manufacturers have different modules and quality,price. Today let's have a look the new exposure ICOO ICOU10GT 10.1'' Android Tablet.

The front package of ICOU10GT uses white,purple,red colours, feels quit fresh.

The back of the pack looks a little bit different from other tablet computers manufacturers, it does not print the specification of the tablet.

Open the top cover, we can see the tablet in the bag, while the usb data cable in the side.

Take out the tablet computer.

User manual and headphone.

The front panel.

There is a 5.0 mega pixel camera and speaker on the back.

The expansion ports in the right side of the tablet.

Summary: the hardware of ICOU10GT would be quit normal in 2013, the thing we concerned would be the price and quality. In 2013, many more munufacturers would jump to quad-core times. As we know, such as the Sanei N10 Quad-Core ultimate edition 10'' Android tablet has finished the debugging, the stock should arrive Tablets World around the end of February.

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