Thursday, January 24, 2013

10'' Big display Ployer Momo19 inside Structure

A good product must not only have beautiful apperance, a very exquiste inside hardware structure is also required. Today, let's open the Ployer 2013 new Android Tablet Momo19,which used the new Allwinner A31 chip,to have a look.
Ployer Momo19 uses metallic material, to open it is not a easy job. You need to remove the screws, then needs to pry the cover to open. It is a presise 9.7 inch tablet computer.

The metallic back cover is also very thin as the Ployer Momo19 is 9.0mm thickness only. It is also strong with good radiating.

The heart of Ployer Momo19: Allwinner A31 chip. A31 chip is a quad-core cortex-A7 CPU and built-in with Power VR SGX544 MP2 GPU, the performance is excellent.

8 pcs internal RAM make the tablet has 2GB big DDR3 RAM. A bigger RAM can ensure the tablet computer to have better performance and be fluent to run 2D,3D games or multi-tasks.

 2 pcs 8GB storage from Moden Corporation make Ployer Momo19 have 16GB internal on board storage.

Allwinner specially designed a smart power management chip AXP221 for A31. To work with A31, Ployer Momo19 can have longer battery life compared with many other chip Andorid tablets.

The richful expansion ports can give us kinds of extra features.

Ployer Momo19 only comes with one speaker. But after we tested, the sound is big and clear.

The tablet also comes with front and rear dual cameras, which support Panoramic shots.

 8000mAh 3.7V big built-in battery.

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