Friday, September 14, 2012

Android multiple functions miniPC HaiPad TV-Dongle review

The upgrading of digital products has been out of our imagination.Nowadays,the biggest feature of digital products is easy to take.With the development of Android,the mini PC,which was still under imagination,now becomes real.Today,let's have a look a TV-dongle from HaiPad company.

This new product only has the similar size like USB flash.With such small size,it is very portable.While about the functions,it is similar with Android TV.You can use it as Smart TV utility,Pocket PC,Multifunction network terminal and HD player etc.What's more important is the price would be around $80 only.

Time to market: 2012
Operation system: Android 4.0
CPU: VIA8850 Cortex A9
Processor Speed: 1.0GHz
GPU: Mali-400
Memory: 1GB
Internal storage: 4GB
Storage expansion: Micro-SD/TF card up to 32GB
Size: USB flash size

Like most of the mobile phones, tablet PCs,it is very convenient to use this TV-dongle as well.You only need to connect to a display,power cord,keyboard and mouse, it would become a complete network terminal.

From the name,TV-dongle,you may think it is used for TV only. Actually,by connecting to a TV,the TV can run the Android 4.0 system,then you can access to internet by connect to WiFi. Then you can install lots apps you want from Google Play store. What's more,as long as the device have the HDMI port,such as the computer monitor, Projector,Glasses theater,all can be used as display for the TV-dongle. 

Generally speaking,the TV-dongle is a wide usage new digital product.It would be popular in the near future we guess.

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