Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 1st China Made Retina Android Tablet Cube U9GT V

If we have a look the main stream 9.7'' dual core Android tablets in the market, almost all of them still uses 1024*768 pixel IPS capacitive display. However, Cube is going to release a dual core 9.7'' tablet with 2048*1536 super high definition Retina display and named the model Cube U9GT V. This product would be the 1st retina display tablet made in China. The display definition updated from 800*480, 1024*600 to 1024*768 pixel, we can guess that in the future those flagship tablets would be 2048*1536 pixel Retina display. After the release of the new iPad, the tablets manufacturers now want to make the change.

Except that the Cube U9GT V will use Retina display, this product would be possibly has RK3066 dual core CPU,which processor speed can run up to 1.6GHz. It also comes with latest Android 4.1 JB system.For more information,please visit Tablets World.

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