Saturday, October 5, 2013

Integrated Google Wallet The Android 4.4 Screen Shots new exposure

It's not big news now that Google would release the Android 4.4 version system. While according to the latest information, Google would release the Android 4.4 with the next generation Nexus 5 mobile phone.

Before, the Android 4.4 was new exposure on Nexus 4, this time, the device was unknown. From the screen shots, we see a new function - printing - on the Android 4.4 settings. And it can also save PDF file. What's more, we also Wallet in the settings. There is another new settings - Manage Mobile Data. It might be a application to manage the mobile data usage. And the whole UI has the flat design trend.

Printing and Save as PDF options.

Payments settings (might add Google Wallet)

Image editing.

Dial UI.

 Android 4.4

Manage mobile plan option.

With the news of Android 4.4, we might see its update very soon. And we believe that it would also bring other great features for tablet PCs.

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