Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1440x900 pixel Resolution PiPO U6 Four-Core Tablet real shots

PiPO U6 is a 1440*900 pixel definition tablet. It brings users new viewing experience with so high definition. Recently, there was exposure of  real body tablet. This tablet PC has narrow frame design with built-in GPS function.
PiPO U6 is a 7.0 inch display Android tablet. The PiPO U6 looks very portable. Even for girls, it can be put in hands easily. It maily focus at taking around with this small size design.
The front panel is quit compact with a 2.0 mega pixel camera and a light-sensor only.

While the in the back, there is a 5.0 mega pixel camera with flash light. It should have good performance even in dark situation.
The speaker.

About the expansion ports, it have micro-USB, HDMI etc all the common things we need.

7.0 inch size display with 1440*900 high definition can improve the pixel density. It reaches to 243ppi. It can have very good performance in photos, fonts etc viewing experience. The brightness of this display is 450nt. The IPS display has great angle of view, vivid showing etc features.
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