Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ployer Momo mini Android Tablet lists soon in Tablets World

If you have been paying attention to Tablets World's blog, the last month would be really like a explosive month of small size tablet computers! Couple of manufacturers have released new 8.0 inch tablets and want to win the market before the release of iPad mini 2. Ployer also said would publish a 8'' Android tablet Momo mini. And Tablets World would list this device with great price very soon.

Ployer Momo mini comes with Allwinner A31s quad-core CPU and 8-core PowerVR SGX544 GPU. Once the CPU is quad-core, then the performance would be usually not bad. While, other things need to consider are the power-consumption, battery life and touching experience. As we know the Allwinner chipsets usually have good power-consumption, expecially it is ARM cortex-A7 in the A31s chipset. And the Ployer Momo mini has 3900mAh li battery insider. To play HD movies should last around 6 to 8 hours without any problem. What's more, the dimension of Momo mini is 200*135*10mm. The thickness is a bit thick. But taking in hands is still feel good. If you need a mini size Android tablet with cheap price, this tablet would be really a good choice!

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