Thursday, June 13, 2013

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie? It might be released on October

The rumour of Android 5.0 system was already heard a lot from last year. While, it's a bit disappointing that there was only a optimized small update of Android for tablet computers, mobile phones in the end of last year. Then in the May I/O meeting, there was still no news of Android 5.0. Now the latest information said that it might be released around October this year.

This time's rumour came from VR Zone. The project of optimizing for the system is still continuing. And this time, the system requires the lowest internal memory is 512MB only. Compared to those other updates may need stonger hardware, the Key Lime Pie may run in may old Android devices in the market.

Another thing is that the Motorola X Phone may also be published in October. If this is the next generation Nexus phone is still unknown. With new update and developing, we would see more good Android tablets and phones come to our daily life!

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