Friday, December 28, 2012

Mobile Office Application QuickOffice Pro free now on IOS

iPad as one of the most successful tablets in the maket has won lots of users to choose. However, the Micsoft as the leader of office software provider, it did not produce any mobile office softwares. Though there were some news said Microsoft would create one for iPad IOS system, but we still not see it. While, Google go further than Microsoft on mobile market. In this week, Google said the Quickoffice Pro office application was not free on App Store!

Though the Quickoffice iPad edition does not have so many professional functions as the Microsoft office desktop edition, to use it to view/edit/creat documents,excel,powerpoint simply is not a problem. Google also said that in the near future, Quickoffice would be free as well in iPhone and Android edition.

It is apparent that Google treat the mobile market very important. And has released many great applications in Android Tablets, IOS tablets etc mobile devices. We believe that in the future would be more and more excellent applications of software come out in our daily mobile life!

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