Sunday, December 30, 2012

Do not fear the New iPad -- Retina 9.7'' Android Tablet Chuwi V99 super-HD edition

In the past year 2011, there were many capacitive tablets in the maket. During 2012, mostly were IPS touchscreen Android tablets. But we can see very few retina display tablets. Only like iPad 3 (the new iPad) comes with retina display. Today, we saw the Chuwi V99 super-HD edition which has a 9.7 inch retina touchscreen. The important feature of retina display is the 2048*1536 pixel super high definition, with such definition,the performance can be very clear! But the Chuwi V99 super-HD edition has a much better price than the new iPad, let's compare the real performance of the display between them!

Left: the new iPad, right: Chuwi V99 super-HD edition. Both have very good performance, but the new iPad is a little bit better than V99.

The new iPad (left) is more bright than Chuwi V99 super-HD edition, but V99 still have a good display performance.

The reality display performance. The new iPad ( left) is still more bright.

Retina is also IPS touchscreen but with higher definition. The angle of view are all very good ( 178 degree angle of view ).

Though the new iPad is brighter than Chuwi V99 super-HD edition, the peformance on V99 is still excellent with the very high definition retina display. But retina display requires better GPU, for playing games, the Chuwi V99 super-HD is not so fluent on some games, we believe in the future Quad-Core edition would be have better performance!

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