Sunday, December 9, 2012

AllWinner A31 - the first A7 Quad Core chip introduction

Until now, the overall tablets sold in China is over 60 million in 2012, while the Allwinner chip based tablets were about 22 milliton among them. Definitely, Allwinner beyonded Rockchip, Amlogic, nViDIA and so on competitors. What's more, now Allwinner released the new quad-core A31 program.

Allwinner A31 is a CPU based on Cortex-A7 quad core program, which is main thing different with Rockchip A9 quad core chip. The CPU based on ARMv7-A can not only ensure that the tablets can have good performance, but also with very low power consumption. And also it cost less to produce, the price of those Android Tablets used A31 would be also cheaper to buy. Onda V972 quad core tablet released recently is one of this.

GPU is a very important thing, a good GPU can make sure the tablet run 2D/3D games more fluent. Allwinner A31 intergrated Imagination 8-core Power VR SGX544MP2 GPU, which is similar with Apple iPad series, Kindle Fire series etc GPU. From the official news, it said its allover performance is 200% faster than Tegra3, 150% faster than iPad 2 and close the new iPad.

Though Allwinner A31 is Cortex-A7 inside, which is still have some gap with Cortex-A9. However the price is cheaper and to run those main stream applications would not have any issues. In the coming 2013, the quad-core Android Tablets would start to be more popular during customers, Allwinner A31 would be win some market.

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