Saturday, April 21, 2012

Add Google Play Store (Market) to your Android tablet PC

For some users may have problem with their Android tablet PCs that they can not find the Google Play Store (Android Market) application when they receive the tablets or install a new firmware for it.That is because the manufacturers of the tablets or the author of the firmware has delete the application since in some countries,there may be some other apps as replacement.But for most of us,that would be very inconvenient.

The following method is a way to add the Play Store (Market) app back to your tablet,we can not make sure it would work for all the tablets.But you may have a try since it is a simple way and not difficult:

1.Please download this apps pack from here : or ;
2.After extract,you would find 5 apk files,please copy these files into a u-disk or micro-sd card and put back to your tablet;
3.Navigate to the folder you put the files,and install it one after another from 1 to 4.

Now you can reboot your tablet and go to the application menu and find the Play Store(Market) and open it to try.

If you have any problem by using this,please leave us a comment.

Have Fun!


  1. I am sorry but the link is not working. I hope that I can get one that is better. Thank you.

    1. Sorry for that,we have put a new link for Skydirve.Regards!


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