Sunday, May 11, 2014

Performance Doubled, ARM Published A53/A57 New Program PPT

In the 2nd Technology Conference, ARM played a attactive official PPT, which introduced the performance of 64-bit Cortex-A53/A57. According to the ARM, A53 can have 70% performance improved compared with A7 and beyonds 1 times than A15 with the 20/16nm new craftworks.

Firstly, the 64-bit ARM cpu would have couple kinds of types. It has old 28nm, it also has new 20nm, 16nm FinFET. The progam has single A53 or A57, but also has A53+A57. Acoording to ARM, if all use 28nm technology, then A53 can have 50% better performance than A7, while A57 can be similar with A15. However, A53 , A57 would have much stronger performance if use 20/16nm new craftworks.

ARM also shared a report of GeekBench 3 performance data. With the tool, in 64-bit mode, A57 can have 28~55% higher performance than A15, A53 has 70% performance of A15. Even in 32-bit mode, A57 still does better job, its score is 15~30% higher than A15.

Though the data is excellent, how it really does the job in tablet pcs, we need to test when the product is coming out.

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