Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7 inch HD Phone Call Tablet, Teclast P79HD 3G edition release soon

The 7 inch high definition retina display Android tablet P79HD has been selling for sometime now.  But Teclast not just stopped there. Teclast would also release a same 7 inch 1920*1200 definition IPS phone tablet - Teclast P79HD 3G edition.

Like the P79HD, P79HD 3G edition has a 7 inch 1920*1200 pixel definition IPS display with Intel Z2580 CPU. But the RAM of P79HD 3G upgrades to 2GB, and it adds phone call, WCDMA 3g network, GPS navigation etc functions. The price of P79HD 3G has not been published yet. But it's news said that it would show in the market during second half of May.

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