Tuesday, April 2, 2013

With Bluetooth mini Pad - PiPO 7.85'' Android tablet new exposure

These days, we can usually see news of 7.85 inch and 7.9 inch Android tablets: Ramos X10 mini Pad, Onda V818mini etc. If you are a tablet's fan, you would notice that  this trent would be effected by the iPad mini. What's more, a 7.0 inch around size is easier to bring with!
This time, we saw a new Android tablet, which is also 7.85'' display, from PiPO. This new product uses metallic cover design! The touch feeling would be very strong. And this tablet would use RK3188 quad-core chipset from Rockchip. While, the definition of the touchscreen would be 1024*768 pixel, that is exactly the same as iPad mini! The RAM will be 2GB with 5.0 mega pixel rear camera! What's it supports Bluetooth etc mutiple functions! It would be available to order from Tablets World very soon!

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