Friday, April 5, 2013

mini Pad - Ramos X10 Android Tablet Unpacking Review

Ramos X10 mini Pad is a 2013 new Android tablet. Tablets World has already start to accept pre-order recently! The similar 7.85'' IPS display used with metallic body design make the Ramos X10 look very impressive. And very soon, large stock would arrive Tablets World. If you like it, it would be good time now to pre-order! Today, let's have a look the real shots of this tablet.
The outside box of Ramos X10 is quit compact, which uses white and blue colors!

The back of the box shows some basic information of Ramos X10 mini pad: Quad-Core processor CPU, 7.85 inch IPS display, 2.0 mega pixel front and 5.0 mega pixel AF rear dual cameras, 1080P FULL HD hardware decoding support, HDMI output support etc.

Like the iPad mini 7.9 inch display, the size of Ramos X10 Android tablet is quit popular among girls, children or e-book lovers. As this size is very convenient to bring with! And Ramos X10 is 7.5mm only ultra-thin designed!

The back material of Ramos X10 is also similar with iPad mini: dual oxidative aluminium alloy metallic back cover! The touch feeling is quit excellent and strong!

The display used in Ramos X10 is IPS 1024*768 pixel high definition touchscreen,which is the same with iPad mini, the actual performance is very good: clear and vivid!

If you like this tablet, you can now order from Tablets World!

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