Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Samsung Quadcore Ramos W30 vs iPad mini

Ramos W30 is a 10.1'' Capacitive multi-touchsceen Android Tablet, it comes with a Samsung Exynos 4412 Quad-Core CPU.

Ramos W30 vs iPad mini. Both are fashion design.

In the back, Ramos W30 and iPad mini both use metal shell.

The thickness between these two tablets almost the same, the bottom Ramos W30 is a little bit thicker.

Regards the specification, Ramos W30 all beyond iPad mini, CPU (w30 uses Samsung Exynos Quadcore CPU, while iPad mini is Dualcore A5), RAM(w30 is 1GB,iPad mini is 512MB), display(w30 is 10.1'' 1280*800pixel, iPad mini is 7.9'' 1024*768pixel). But with the IOS optimization on iPad mini, the fluence between them is not so much difference.
After the comparion, both of them have very good performance. but the color saturation of iPad mini is better than Ramos W30.

Surf web comparison,with a bigger display, we can see more conten in one page.

Reading ebooks.

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