Friday, November 16, 2012

New Features on Google Android 4.2 Update

Recently, the Android 4.2 come out with the release of Nexus 10. Only few devices have this update yet. And in the near future, would be more tablets have this Android 4.2 system. After our test, we can see this update is quite good.

360-degree panoramic spherical photography
This is a very powerful feature beyonds those panoramic applications in the Play store.

The lock-screen can add widgets
This feature can be very helpful for those users want to have faster and efficient operation. In the new Android 4.2, after added the widget in the lock-screen, slide it ,you can go directly into the application. While touch it, it will be brighter.

Similar with Windows, multiple users
In the Android 4.2 Tablets, now we can add multiple users to use the same tablets. While the user can only use the application in his account.

Verify Apps
In the Android 4.2 OS, add new security protect for apps. When you install the application, it will check if it is malware. This will have some help to stop the malware' increasing.

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