Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ramos W17pro,Dual-Core CPU Jingchen AML8726-MX performance test

Ramos W17pro is a 7.0'' Android 4.0 ICS Dual-Core CPU tablet PC.It uses Jingchen AML8726-MX new program insider.In AML8726-MX,it has a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU,which process speed can have up to 1.5GHz.

Today let's have a overall review of the AML8726-MX program.

Main popular dual-core program comparison:

Three China-made dual-core program:

CPU part:
It has similar performance like the international brands.
nbench test:
 cfbench test:

GPU part:
RK30 series tablets have 2 versions at the moment: CPU 1.5GHz/GPU 180MHz and CPU 1.4GHz/GPU 300MHz.If not indicated,then it is the 2nd version in the test.

Mali-400 MP2 is combined with 1 GP and 2 PP.When it runs under 400MHz,it provides 44M Triangles rate and 800M pixel fill rate.Overall,the performance is satisfactory.Compared to quad-core Mali-400 GPU,it has advantage under triangles rate but not better under pixel fill rate.

nenamark2 and basemark ES, the resolution is 1024*600 and 1024*768:
The difference is small.But compared to single-core products,the improvement is very obvious.

Glbenchmark 720p offscreen:
Thanks to the advantage of Mali-400,the score beyonds Adreno 220.

Pro score,close to quad-core Mali-400.

GL lowlevel test.We can obviously see the advantage of dual-core Mali-400.


Web test:

Run single thread
Run Multi-thread

Generally speaking,the performance of AML8726-MX program is quit good.Plus the price is only $189.00 ONLY for Ramos W17pro from,it's a very smart choice for us to have a dual-core tablet PC.

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