Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MX dual-core 9.7'' IPS Gemei G9T Android 4.0 tablet PC review

We got the Gemei G9T for couple of days now.We played with it for some days,generally speaking,it is a overall a very good tablet.But it also has some shortcoming.i.e,the power indicator is not 100% accurate;after a long time usage,the left part of it is a little bit hot.However,these do not have effect on our normally usage.

The apperance:
There is no buttons in front Gemei G9T except a 0.3MP webcam.

Gemei G9T uses metal shell.The advantage of it is to make sure its weight lighter and at the same time strong and durable,what's more,metal shell can have better heat output.

The back of it has another 2.0MP camera,which can be used for taking pictures,recording videos etc.And next to the camera is the stereo speakers.

Above is the volume control and back buttons.

Description of expansion ports and reset port on the back.

The expansion ports in the side of Gemei G9T.

In the angle,we can see clearer of the ports.There is hdmi,otg,micro-sd,host,microphone ports.

Gemei G9T is a ultra-thin design tablet with 10mm thickness only.

Tested with the electronic scale,it is 618g.This weight is acceptable as insider's battery is 8000mAh.

The start-up screen.The time to start is about 25 seconds.

You can set up a live wallpaper in the home screen.

The operation system version of Gemei G9T is Google Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Display Performance Test:
The screen under pure white and black color.There is no bad points.There is some light leakage under black screen.But it's a kind of feature for IPS screen.

Gemei G9T has good color performance and can show detail of each colors.

Original IPS touch screen can have very good peformance under differnet angles.

With Amlogic MX Cortex-A9 dual core CPU and MAli-400 GPU,Gemei G9T can run most of the big 2D/3D games very smoothly!

Outdoor picture taken by front camera.

Outdoor picture taken by back camera.

Quadrant test score:3911.And the CPU score is up to 8529.

NenaMark1 tests result: 49.6fps.

NenaMark2 tests result: 30.1fps.

Gemei G9T has 8000mAh li-battery insider,after our tests,it can have up to 9 hours battery life.That would be great for most of our usage.


  1. Hello,

    Does this table have Bluetooth?

    Hebe Rome

    1. Dear Hebe.

      It does not have bluetooth,if you need bluetooth tablet,you can have a look Cube U30GT 10.1'' ips Android tablet.

      Best regards!


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