Sunday, June 21, 2015

Cube Relased 10.6 inch IPS display i10 Dual-System Tablet PC

The tablet manufacturer Cube stands on customers' position to think better and produce better using experience tablets. In the competitive tablets market, Cube released another competitive tablet PC - 10.6'' large IPS display i10 Android and Windows dual system!

Cube i10 dual-system edition comes with genuine Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 operating system at the same time. It is a real entertainment + office work multi-function tablet. For entertainment, Android system has thousands of applications to choose from; For work, Windows 8.1 can install microsoft office, Photoshop etc kinds of office softwares. What's more, i10 dual-system supports one-click exchange between two different systems.

The genuine Windows 8.1 operating system running in Cube i10 dual-system tablet computer is a revolutionary product of Microsoft. It can run Microsoft Office, Abode Photoshop, CorelDRAW X5 etc kinds of softwares.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet uses 64-bit Z3735 real quad-core CPU, which uses 22nm advanced technology and has up to 1.8GHz main processor speed. Opening applications, surfing web pages, running big games can be very fluent.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet computer has the same size as Surface pro 10.6 inch display! It can bring users clear, vivid high definition IPS display.

2GB big RAM plus 32GB internal storage can fulfill the requirements for big games, media files etc.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet has front and rear dual cameras. It is not only easy to take photos, but also easily having Skype etc video chat.

This tablet supports Wi-Fi wireless network. It can be connected with mouse, keyboard, usb disk easily via the micro USB port.

Cube i10 dual-system also adds big standard USB Host port, which can be used to connect external hard drive and USB sticker. It can also connect external 3G modem to have 3G network.

Cube i10 dual-system tablet also has HDMI output port. It supports 1080P full HD movies.

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