Friday, July 25, 2014

The first 64 bit CPU from Allwinner would come out soon

We thought before the Allwinner A80 is a 64 bit CPU for tablet computers when Allwinner said Big 64 ealier this year. While it means 64 core GPU not 64 bit. According the news from Allwinner, the real 64 bit CPU would come out soon, and most likely would be during end of the year.

The time is quit reasonable considering the latest Google I/O meeting, which published the Android L latest operating system. One of the biggest update of Android L is the support of 64 bit computing CPU.

The new CPU from Allwinner is based on ARMv8-A program. The open-source organization Linaro published the AOSP firmware based on LSK v14.06 and it supports ARMv8-A program. The firmware would be tested on ARM 64bit Juno platform. As the member of Linaro, Allwinner is cooperating with Linaro , the open of ARMv8 program AOSP firmware would boost the diversified development of Allwinner. We would see more good tablet pcs using Allwinner CPU in the market.

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