Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Low-end Quad-Core Tablet Chipset, Allwinner A33 Officially Released

Allwinner released the brand new quad-core CPU A33 in the 2014 Taipei Computex. Like its name, it is a low-end CPU followed the route of A13,A23. It is based on Cortex A7 quad-core program with 1.3GHz processor speed and Mali400 MP2 GPU. And it supports 1080P decoding and H.264 videos. A33 can support up to 1280*800 pixel definition display.

The target of A33 is very clear. It will focus at very cheap products and in the near future we would see super cheap quad-core tablet computers. With the development so far, the quad-core Q8 android tablet would come out very soon.

A33 has very similar specifications with A23. The CPU upgrades to quad-core from dual-core, we believe the performance would be also upgraded to new level!

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