Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sanei A23 CPU new product Phone Tablet Computer new exposure

The low price with good quality has become the main feature for Chinese tablet computers now. Especially for the low-end market, the more advanced processor, more stable performance, lower power consumption with cheap prices have been welcomed by many customers.
Today, we got new information about A23 tablet pc. The Sanei would release a A23 CPU+phone capable tablet. And the mode name is G903 dual-core 2G. The release of this tablet would make customers have more choices for cheap phone pad.
What's the advantages of the Allwinner A23 dual-core CPU, which is called the best dual-core processor on tablet computers? A23 dual-core integrated ARM Cortex-A7CPU program and the processor speed is advertised can reach 1.5GHz. And the GPU frequency is also increased to 600MHz. It can handle games etc more easily. In the Antutu benchmark test, A23 can win 12000 high score. What's more, the advanced DVFS power mangement system with low power consumption can ensure long battery performance.
What the 9 inch Sanei G903 dual-core phone tablet can bring to us, let's wait and see!

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