Friday, November 29, 2013

Retina Display - Onda new Tablet V975M Quad-Core new exposure

More powerful, faster, lower power-consumption, this is the goal for furthur tablet PCs' developing. Recently, there is new exposure of "most powerful quad-core" tablet series from Onda. It would bring 28nm HPM technology 2.0GHz high processor speed quad-core A9 CPU with Mali 450 8-core GPU. And the first one V975M is appeared with ultra-thin fashion design and clearer 9.7 inch retina display.

9.7 inch Retina Display.
The new Onda V975M quad-core would continue using 9.7'' 4:3 ratio retina display. And the resolution is 2048*1536 pixel. It has 264 high PPI. The performance is very clear.

Cortex-A9r4 Program. 2.0GHz high Processor Speed.
Onda V975M quad-core Android tablet would use brand new quad-core CPU, which based on ARM Cortex-A9r4 program. The speed of this CPU is faster and the performance is better. And the processor speed marked is up to 2.0GHz, we can imagine the performance would be great.

TSMC 28nm HPM Technology, Lower Power Consumption.
According to Onda's introduction, the increase of CPU's frequency would increase the power-consumption and heat. While the 2.0GHz 28nm HPM  technology used on Onda V975M can not only have good performance, but also with low power consumption and have long battery life.

Mali 450 8-Core GPU
For a tablet's performance, CPU is not the only thing to decide, we need to also see the GPU. Mali450 is the upgrade edition of Mali400. The 8-core GPU used on Onda V975M brings higher data handling performance. GPU is important to play games, surf internet and so on.

The new exposure of Onda V975M opened the innovation of quad-core tablet computers. The 2GHz CPU, 8-core GPU and 9.7 inch Retina display would definitely gives the V975M great performance!

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