Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ultra-narrow Frame the Onda 7.9'' V819mini and 9.7'' V975 quad-core are coming

Though many tablet computers are advertised that they come with ultra-narrow frame, but many do not really have. This time, Onda do it. From the latest information, Onda is going to release two ultra-narrow frame tablets: 7.9'' V819mini and 9.7'' V975 quad-core edition.

The main features of those two tablets are ultra-narrow frame and ultra-thin body design. According to the news, V975 quad-core Android tablet would only have 7mm frame width. And the thickness would be 8.5mm. Though these can not beat smart mobile phones. But in a 9.7'' big size device, that make sense.

There is not many information about the V819mini. But it's said that V819mini would have advantages compared with the thickness and size of iPad mini. If you are interested in those tablets, please pay attention to our blog!

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